Chapter 126: Will Yeo-Woon become you?The release date and more!

Nano Machine Chapter 126 will be entirely devoted to conquering the Lord’s throne.Cheon Yeo-Woon laid all his cards on the table in the previous chapter, which surprised everyone.However, the biggest surprise was the change of thoughts from the ruler of the Clan of Ostrzy.It seems that there will be no problem with winning the throne by the successor of the throne.

In the next chapter there may also be a duel between the Lord and the successor of the throne.The great gentleman is a kind of egoist and he can invite Cheon to a challenge.What’s more, Cheon can also accept a challenge.However, this can be a trap, because the great lord will not hesitate to use a technique reversing a bloody demon.Read the article below to learn the details of the plot of the upcoming chapter!

Nano Machine Chapter 126: Will Yeo-Woon become a great gentleman?

Nano Machine Chapter 126 Crown Cheon Yeo-Woon as the new ruler of the Chun sect.However, it can be as easy as it is easy to say.The Great Lord activates the technique of reversing a bloody demon for sure to defeat the prince of the Crown.So it would be better if the Prince of Crown defeated him in front of everyone to embrace the throne.

In addition, the older hwan bei can also return in the upcoming manhwy chapter. The blades and desire are on the side of the prince of the Crown because they oppose the use of a blood -reversing technique.But there may be some loyal soldiers of the Great Lord who can interrupt the coronation of the Crown Prince.However, it is not clear where they are hiding.

What happened in the previous chapter?

125 Chapter about Nano Machine began with the escape of Hwan Bei from the forest.However, all soldiers used the technique of reversing blood.What’s more, the elder learned that the mirror and clan clan were already there to carry out an attack.He had no other choice but to kill as many enemies as possible.

However, the stage moved to the heavenly Palace of Demon, where Yeo-Woon challenged you.But the Lord ordered the older and clan leaders to attack the prince with his colleagues.However, it turns out that the leader of the clan defended in the Palace of the Crown Prince.Cheon has already met the Ostrzy Clan to show them the Heavenly Demon Sword.What’s more, it also saved the life of the older hwan Bei.

Chapter 126 Nano Machine: Date of release

Chapter 126 Nano Machine will be released on October 12, 2022. However, Manhwy’s raw scans no longer exist.But the release of the English version of Manhwy will take one day.The upcoming Manhwy chapters will be available to read on the official Webtoon, Naver and CakaPage website.Don’t forget to visit The anime Daily again!