Chapter 375 can not communicate: the first hug!Date of release and chart

The last chapter of the KCC brought something amazing to history.Fans did not expect Komi or Tadano to reach this point.It was the subtlest way of confessing his love to another.In the last chapter they both still spent time and studied.But when the Komi was about to leave, Tadano held her hand and said he wanted to talk about something.The conversation went in such a direction that Komi confessed his sympathy for him.Here is everything you need to know about comics cannot communicate, Chapter 375.

In the following history of the Komi and Tadano will catch up at school just to see what happening.You can see that after the first embrace their affairs became awkward.But they can organize matters quite well even after that!

Komi cannot communicate Chapter 375: What will happen next?

The hug at the end of the last chapter was something that conquered the internet.In the chapter, Tadano confided, telling him that he had many feelings for the boy.In addition, she also knew that Tadano felt the same.But they were not sure if they should be in a relationship.In this way, Komi came to the conclusion that they had to end the day with a hug.Now the Can’t Communicate chamber chapter 375 will open with many stories.

The last panel gave a hint that history would continue from the same point.This means that this time Tadano’s reaction will be captured.Of course, this gesture will make it brown.Even the next day both will be shy and charming.However, it will be interesting to see how they will fall out in the test.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The title of Chapter 374 KOMII Can’t Communicate was: “Science at home 2.”As the title suggests, the chapter begins with the fact that the comedy and Tadano sit next to each other.Each of them pretended to focus on work.However, they were too indulging in thinking that something was being prepared on the table.Komi realized that hours had passed while both of them continued working.She got up and asked her to leave.

However, Tadano held her hand and asked her to stay for longer.He said he wanted to talk about something.But it was Komi who conducted the conversation.She said she had many feelings for Tadano.And that she always thought about a boy.The chapter was over when they decided that they would move things at their own pace.

Komi cannot communicate, Chapter 375: Date of release

The release of the next chapter is getting closer, and fans are wondering what the new adventure will be.Well, fans would have to read the next one.The final release date of chapter 375 CAN’T Communicate is on October 12, 2022. Fans will be able to find all manga chapters only on the official Kodansha pages.After all, The anime Daily is your place for all anime updates in one place.