Chapter 66: Drama K confirmed!Which chapters to recommend?release date

Fans of the text version of the villains are a puppet for a long time demanded the drama on the letter K. It looks like it is a good time for fans.Not only has the K drama appeared, but Manhwa also enters the story point, where there will be deaths and farewells.The last chapter initiated this type of reaction.So, without spending much time, here is everything you need to know about the new chapter 66. The villain is a puppet.

In the story below, fans will learn everything about the killer who came to kill Lady Elban.She was a type of woman who was always away from all kinds of violence.That is why it will be interesting to see why it was the goal of all people.

The villain is a puppet Chapter 66: What next?

The next output of The Villainess IS A Marionette will bring one of the most interesting conversations to the plate.It was obvious that a healthy conversation turned into something that nobody expected.It was a stop to travel Mrs. Elban, which led to some of the most bloody chapter scenes.Someone placed a killer along the way so that they could not safely reach the castle.But the only possible reason for this may be secrecy.

The queen must know something that the princess does not want to know.The villains are a puppet Chapter 66 will open with the case in which the last came out.On the other hand, the princess will also find out that there was an attempt in the middle of it.But there is no question of what can happen in the forest.

Summary of the previous chapter!

It was a time when Queen Cayena returned to the castle.Her assistant was curious how the princess used to return home.The queen said she is an interesting child.However, she was also a person who experienced the most loneliness in the world.But during their journey there were disturbances.The killer stood before their carriage.Soon Mrs. Elban was no longer in this world.

But when the prince left, the killer had nothing to say.He quickly realized that she was behind her another woman who could help her.At the end of Chapter 65, the villain was a puppet Prince managed to capture his partner.And he demanded that he spill beans, otherwise the lady would lose her life there and now.

The villain is a puppet, chapter 66: release date

The date of Manhwas is rarely regular.But fans are sure that the new chapter will be released in the next two days.The expected date of the release of The Villainess is a Marionette Chapter 66 is October 12, 2022.Fans will be able to find all chapters of Manhwy only on the official Naver, Webtoon and CakaPage pages.Therefore, keep an eye on The anime Daily to get all the information only here.