Chucky Season 2 Episode 4: What is the release date and time?

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When the premiere of episode 4 of season 2

, read on!The latest episode of Chucky could end in the return of the franchise, but “Hail Mary” returns directly to the increasingly complicated situation of Catholic juvenile.

While this means that we will have to wait another week for the possible unification of Glen and Glenda, episode 3 makes waiting painless thanks to the engaging development of the characters, including Glend itself.


The clock is ticking Jake Wheeler, Father Bryce knows that he has a Good Guy doll and gives him a limited amount of time to take him to his office before the punishment occurs.Jake, Lexy, Devon and partner Lexy, Nadine, join forces to get information about her imprisoned doll.

Meanwhile, Jake and Devon must hide their relationship and misunderstandings about Chucky, which puts them in the sight of Father Bryce.Lexy is alone to deal with the ugly situation of persecution and an increasingly uncertain drug problem.We’ll tell you everything about it

Prime Minister Chucky Season 2 Episode 4!

What is the date and release time of Chucky Season 2 Episode 4?

Waiting does not last long.

Release date of the fourth episode of Chucky Season 2

It was established on October 27, 2022 for those who want to see her directly in the premiere.

The premiere of episode 4 of season 2 Chucky

It was set at Spain.

What happened at the end of this week?

At the end of this week, Trevor decides to put Lexy in trouble.Trevor is a local bump of the Lord of the Incarnation and does not like Lexy, not because of his own fault.Trevor finds out that Lexy is intoxicated with drugs and devises a plan on how to take revenge on her.He takes a small drug purse in the Lexy room and puts it in a desk drawer.However, before Trevor can leave the room,


attacks him.The doll pierces Chucky, leaving a herbal hole in his chest.

At the beginning, it seems that Chucky, who attacks Trevor, is the same one whom the group made brain washing.However, later scenes show good


Father Bryce sitting in the office.Therefore, it is clear that the version


, which attacks Trevor, is a new doll that has been delivered to school earlier in the episode.

Meanwhile, Lexy and Nadine return to their room to find dead trevor on the floor.Brutal attack


He leaves the teenager no chance of survival, and he is injured.Lexy and Nadine quickly move Trevor’s body and hide it safely to avoid suspicion.

Elsewhere, friendly


who sits in the room of Father Bryce, waiting for the priest’s answer.However, the episode ends with the disclosure that the second Chucky is sitting in Bryce.Unlike pretty Chucky or other variants


which we have seen in the series so far, this one is more embarrassing and menacing, with six -inch plastic ABS.