Cinema no kuni mizu no kuni opens on January 27, more cast was announced

The movie Anime Cinema No Kuni Mizu no Kuni will begin to be displayed in Japanese cinemas on January 27, 2023.have been revealed.

They found themselves in the supporting cast

Hiroshi Kamiya

as Saladin,

Miyuki Sawashiro

as a lailala,

Subaru Kimura

as Jauhala, and

Keiko Toda

as Leopoldine.Also announced


as Piripapp,

Terrasoma massacres

as Hodouns and

Banjou Ginga

as a third Rastaban.

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Cinema no Kuni Mizu no Kuni is based on the manga published by Shogakukan by Nao Iwamoto, which was published in 2014-2016 in Monthly Flowers and has one tankoubon volume published under the banner of Flower Comics.The premise concerns two constant arguments of neighboring countries that finally begin the war, causing God’s intervention.Country A is to propose his most beautiful girlfriend as a bride, while the country B is to send his smartest young man as the groom.In the middle of this princess from the country A has a chance to meet with young people from the country B.

The film crew is Kotono Watanabe (Btoom!) As a director, Fumi Tsubota (Waccha Primagi! And Hugtto! Pretty Cure composer) as a screenwriter and

Mitsuki Masuhara

(Ace of Diamond and director Shirokuma Cafe) as an animation manager.Madhouse is an animation company.

Meanwhile, the main cast is

Kento Kaku

as Narnbayar and

Hamabe Minami

as Sarah.


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