Comikey publishes “Thank you, Isekai!”Manga in 4 consecutive languages



02:32 EDT by Adriana Hazra, Crystalen Hodgkins

The company launches Simulpub in Spanish, French, Portuguese Brazilian and Indonesian.

Comikey will publish the first five chapters of new translations, and then publish one or two chapters a week until the manga caught up with the Japanese version.

The company started publishing a manga in English in February.Comikey describes this story:

The story itself – comedy, fantasy and yes, Isekai – turns around Chiba and Sheina, a pair of lonely men Otaku in their thirties who met during the congress of high school.Shortly after they made friends, they fall into one misfortune after the other and before they see … they are reborn in Isekai as beautiful chicks!

Azuki and Zianazu


Manga in the Manga One Shogakukana application on November 27.Manga is also available in the URA Sunday application and website.Shogakukan sent the first compiled manga volume on May 12 and will send the second compiled volume October 19.

The edition will be the first French edition on the Comikey platform.Comikey began publishing a manga outside English in February with the launch of Mangan Kengan Omega Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon in Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian Bahas.

Comikey said that “he is planning a further study of location capabilities in other languages thanks to the partnership from Shogakukan.”

Source: press release

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