Competition: Nintendo Switch OLED console to win!

Once again, we organize a competition in which you will win a nice prize.This time this applies to the Nintendo Switch OLED console in cooperation with Zen Market.

Today is your happy day if you fancy Nintendo Switch OLED.Indeed, in cooperation with Zenmarket, GameBlog offers a chance to win the aforementioned hybrid console in a nice competition.

But what is zenmarket?

Zenmarket is a shopping service for Japan, which enables users from various countries not living on the island to buy products in Japanese online stores.In short, this is a service for lovers of Japan and its culture.Of course, everything is very easy to use, as specified on

official website



Buy online at Japanese Zenmarket stores.You don’t have to speak Japanese!Just put the desired products in the basket, and Zenmarket will take care of the rest.

It is thanks to them that we can offer you this competition.

How can I take part in the competition and try to win Switch OLED?

There is nothing simpler to take part in the competition.Just RT + Watch




On Twitter.

The rules of the competition are here

.To make your life easier, here is a link to a given tweet to make available:

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED model?

If you want to take part in the competition, but the OLED model does not appeal to you, know that this is a slightly final version of the switch.It is also the most expensive (349 euros) because it has the famous OLED screen that allows you to go from 6.2 inches (classic switch) to 7 inches.Its main advantage, however, is the visual comfort of OLED compared to LCD.Which means

Much better contrasts, better brightness, thinner screen, but also better autonomy.

Of course, we wish you good luck in the competition.