Continuation of the anime Bleach Hell Arc could adapt the new chapters No Breaths from Hell … ultimately

Will bleach: Hell Arc Anime Clamping from the jaws will be possible in the coming years?Photo source: Tite Kubo

As for Arc Hell, Bleach fans for a long time wondered if the creator of Tite Kubo intends to expand the new Bleach arch “No Breaths from Hell” by more chapters in 2022.The new chapter of Bleach was released once in August 2021 and seemed to open the Bleach sequel.

And since the aime of Bleach: Thrite-Weear Blood War turned out to be commercial success, probably producers would be interested in creating anime Bleach Hell Arc.

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Without entering the spoilers for only anime fans, Manga Bleach: No Breaths from Hell ended with a note of Cliffhanger, which practically requires continuation.The last page contained a message that irritated the new arch of Bleach because he stated: “And the story is developing …”

The end of the first chapter of the new Bleach Hell Arc presents a figure following the hellish butterfly (Jigokuchou).The site says that the “Bleach New Breathes from Hell” arch will be called “Howl from the Jaws of Hell”.Photo source: VIZ Media/Tite Kubo

Unfortunately, Kubo made it clear that he would not be in a hurry to draw Bleach: No Breaths from Hell Chapter 2.

In the autumn of 2021, Kubo was asked by a fan when he intended to continue the manga Bleach Hell Arc.Supposedly


: “I’m not good at drawing when they make me draw, so I will think about it when they don’t make me.”

He is already busy work on Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2, who promised that he would receive an update in 2022, not to mention his direct involvement in the animation production process for the anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

Bleach sequel, which Tite Kubo teased in the summer of 2022

Roll forward by about half a year.Kubo answered fans’ questions via the exclusive website of the Outside club fan club, which often reveals information to outsiders.

In one post, the member asked: “Is there any chance that you will still present to show Zanpakutou or Bankai in any form or form in the future?”

For new fans in a series (or those who need refreshment since Bleach ended years ago), Bleach Zanpakutou is a weapon-as a manifestation of the spiritual energy of the owner, which usually takes the form of a sword.Bankai is a real form of Zanpakutou, and one of the charms of the Bleach Tybw arch was to know the new Bankai, which will be hoped by powerful characters, such as the captains of Gotei 13.

Kubo’s answer was directly related.To continue Bleach, because he replied: “If I find a medium that is recognized by many readers and receive the right number of pages to work, I would like to do it someday.”

Yes, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel!Kubo basically says that he will introduce new Zanpakutou and Bankai if it gets the right platform to write the continuation of the bleach.And it would be reasonable to develop these new weapons and power in Bleach: Howls from the Jaws of Hell.

Key graphics Anime Bleach: Th really those Blood War.Photo source: VIZ Media

Bleach: Anime Final Arc is no longer advertised?

Probably, while the desire for Kubo (or lack thereof) to create new chapters of Bleach is definitely a factor, publishers and all companies involved in the Anime production Committee for Bleach: Tybw probably waited to see first to see if the new anime television program will revive the existing communityBleach, and will also attract a new generation of fans.Now that the anime Bleach: Sennen Kessen-Hen is nice on the TOP 10 anime Myanimelist list, they must think about what to do next, because anime productions are planned several years in advance.

While CrunchyRoll News,


, Studio Pierrot, VIZ Media and other official sources advertised the anime Bleach of Tibw, saying: “Everything must end – when the final battle of Ichigo Kurosaki begins,” this ruler comes from older ads originally written in 2021.The new Bleach anime was specially advertised as “Bleach: Thousand-Weear Blood War: Anime Final Arc”.However, in the autumn of 2022 they have not recently talked about the revival of the anime as “the last season”.

On October 20, 2022, the Bleach message appeared

Jymes Hanson

He asked: “Has anyone noticed that Bleach ceased to be advertised as” the last arch “?”Others

Bleach fans noticed

Earlier, that there is no “The Final Arc” in the trailers of Bleach PV, which, as they claimed, meant that “after Tibw we will definitely get a lot more!”

Of course, because only one chapter of Bleach: NBFH is available as source material, the release date of the anime Bleach Hell Arc will not take place in the near future.But this fact does not exclude the next Bleach film or OVA episodes based on other existing continuations of history.

And it’s not like there is a great rush.The Anime Bleach Tybw is expected to end his last fourth round in the autumn of 2023 or in the spring of 2024.(It depends on how many breaks in the broadcast on the divided track will be introduced into the production schedule by manufacturers.) So if Kubo begins to create a sequel to Bleach every week in 2023, there will be many chapters available to the Anime Bleach sequel until 2025.

Is anime Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World?

In addition to the Anime Bleach: Hell is also the novel Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World, which was written by Ryougo Narita under the supervision of Kubo.Bleach Cfyow was published in three volumes in 2018.

The story takes place after the end of a thousand -year blood war in Quincy, so it can act as a direct continuation of Bleach.The book presents a new antagonist named after Tsunayashiro, who came to lead his clan after the killings, which killed everyone who is looking for the title.

The fight in Soul Society between the Arrancars, Quincy and Shinigami begins.Even in the human world, the mysterious religious worship called XCUTION began to take over power.Tokinada intends to create a new king of souls, and his plan can lead to a total war between the kingdoms.

The new hero of Shuuhei Hisagi was described by Kubo as “the material of the main character” because Hisagi is facing his weaknesses just to become stronger.Hisagi is investigating the new head of the Tsunayashiro family, because all the confusion is associated with this leader of one of four great noble families.

What is the story of Bleach: No Breaths from Hell?

73 pages of Manga Bleach: No Breaths from Hell show the new generation of Shinigami.The story was very omitted because it takes place 12 years after King Yhwach was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki.

WARNING: Below are the main spoilers.

Ichigo is now married to Orihime Inoue and have a 10-year-old son named Kazui Kurosaki.Perhaps because of its pedigree, Kazui is already able to freely manifest Zanpakutou and can easily transform into the form of shinigami.He is also capable of creating portals through rituals and can manifest an ethereal fish that is floated in the air.

So Bleach Hell Arc will probably give Ichigo’s son, Kazui.Although this new character is still young in No Breaths from Hell, it is possible that he could introduce a new bank to the world of Soul Society.

Kazui befriends Ichika Abarai, daughter of Rukii Kuchiki and Renji Abarai.Because Ichika is also a student of Shinigami, it is likely that the couple will start to develop their powers and Shinigami skills together.

The story follows Kazuim, Ichica and other characters, when the next generation learns what it means to be Shinigami during the CONUOU REISAI festival, which includes a funeral festival, which takes place 12 years after the death of the captain in the battle.Because captains are rarely dying, the traditional customs of the ritual are not well known.Only captains and vice -headers can participate, but Ichigo is a hero of the great war, so of course he is invited.

The new vice president of the 8th Division-Capitan Yayahara Yuyu was under the strong influence of Gyar’s culture.As a side note, Soul Society now has smartphones and TVs that can display programs from the world of the living.Urahara has made new Reaper communication devices support Line.Conjecture.Photo source: Tite Kubo

As part of the ritual, Hollow is captured in the world of alive by Soul Society members, and then exterminated at the burial place of Captain Ukitake.Ichika does not like to be overlooked, so he sneaks at the congregation.

There is an unpleasant surprise for everyone when they are attacked by the Horda of the Hollows … and Shayelaporro Grantz cracked with the gate of hell!

At the beginning in Bleach, hell was introduced as a concept, but it was never visited directly.Holle and Arranacar are banished to hell, and when the souls of human forms commit evil, they are similarly sent to hell.

You don’t have to add, nobody expected to see Shayelaporro Grantz again.Based on his appearance, others ask if Shayelaporro is dead, and he replies: “I fell into hell.”And hell did not lead him to a better person, since the first thing he is trying to do Shayelaporro is to kill the daughter of Renji, Ichiki.Photo source: Tite Kubo

The film Bleach Hell Verse introduced an afterlife for Shinigami.Bleach: No Breaths from Hell expanded this concept, explaining that the body of the Soul Reaper consists of Reishi, so after his death their body turns into Reishi and returns to the earth of Soul Society.

However, if the spiritual energy is too powerful (degree 3 or higher), their concentration of Reiatsu may be too high or too dense for a person to stay in Soul Society and then reincard.Usually, at Soul Reaper Academy, it is taught that the funeral festival of the soul allows such a person to return.

In fact, Reishi from class 3 or higher cannot return to the ground of Soul Society, so the powerful soul is sent to the Hell of Hell, instead of continuing his life as a ghost in Seireitei.So Shayelaporro claims that the Soul Reaper unknowingly “sends their companions to hell”!

Due to the great war, a huge amount of Reiatsu was sent to hell.And Szayelaporro claims that these actions forced to open the mouth of hell.

Since Shayelaporro was able to escape from hell, it is suggested that other powerful souls or captains can staging the escape from hell.In addition to the revival, the villain who has to overcome the new generation, it is also possible that the fallen hero can be saved from hell … maybe even genryūsai shigekuni yamamoto?!(Remember that at this point it is speculation, because Kubo did not establish this concept as a canon).

Yamamoto’s death at Yhwach was a big surprise in Bleach: a thousand -year -old blood war.Yamamoto’s body was completely destroyed by the explosions of Quincy Reishi, so only damaged Jakka was recovered.

When the captains of Gotei 13 buried the remains of Yamamoto, they performed the Ritou Reisai ritual in his grave in Soul Society.In the new Bleach: Howl from the Jaws of Hell, fans learned that the performance of this ritual meant that Yamamoto was planted in hell, where Shayelaporro calls him the founder of Gotei.

And the last thing readers see is young Kazui follows the hellish butterfly, looking at the gates of hell in amazement.

Let’s just hope that the Anime Bleach Hell Arc will be finally published in the future.Stay updated!