Could Freddy Krueger overcome these anime heroes?

Could Freddy Krueger overcome these anime heroes?

by Kara Dennison on October 16, 2022.

This is the time of year when we begin to discover all our favorite horror movies.And we are still waiting for the restart of the “nightmare from Wiązów Street”, which we were promised.We can’t wait to what Freddy Krueger will do.But for now we will have to do our own fun.

We gathered a trio of anime characters, which we think have the skills to fight him.Or, if nothing else to make his non-life extremely difficult.What do you think about it?

Black -blessed, they stoves

At this point, we all know the basic principles of Freddy Krueger, right?He introduces you to your dreams, and if you die in your dreams, you die in real life.There is no way to not meet him, because everyone has to sleep, right?Well … not everyone.

Marshall D. Teach, or Czarnobrody, is the main antagonist of One Piece.He is also the only known person who wields the power of two devilish fruit.More importantly, at least because of this piece, he just doesn’t sleep.In other words, he doesn’t even enter the battlefield.Can you somehow force him? … This is a reasonable question.


Freddy Krueger can terrorize the world of dreams, but Paprika heals him.The version of Dr. Atsuko Chiba from the world of dreams adds a little spice to our life and a lot of good therapy for the hours of sleep of her patients.She came across absolute madness in the world of both Java and sleep.But could she face Freddy? … We think so.

When you think about it, they have a bit similarly bizarre M.o.It is much more difficult to call Freddy’s “bizarre” approach, taking into account how deadly he is.If anyone could keep up with him, then our girlfriend Paprika.Although we would like to say that it would wipe the floor with it, it would probably end in a draw.

Sailor Moon

Freddy Krueger would be so offended, but let’s be real.Under the appropriate circumstances, Usagi can shoot it straight through the roof.

When the golden crystal is in the game, various things can happen.Among these “various things” is of course manipulation of dreams.This is not the first dream Rodeo Sailor Guardians.It can be difficult, but thanks to the combination of their powers they can give Freddy a chance for his money.And if not … well, the silver crystal can help in the consequences.

Do you want to frighten properly?Start Halloween with this terrifying anime.

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