Countdown to Halloween 2022!

I am happy and a bit surprised, confirming that I am still very excited about my annual countdown to Halloween.Just then I turn this blog into a place for everything that is slightly ghostly and supernatural.

This year I have something special for you.I actually came up with a kind of motif.Valentine’s Day of all insignia!We will celebrate the season of monsters and ghosts with love!

Remember that I always celebrate Halloween with love.Because it so happens that I love Halloween.But this year I am going a step further.I will bring you stories about terrifying undead and bloodthirsty creatures with golden hearts and really well -preserved bodies.Who would not fall in love with these charming foxes?

I did and I hope you too.

And if this is not enough for you, I will also share a few completely new essays about Halloween, which are loosely related to anime.I usually don’t treat counting as an excuse to simply examine things that interest me.With a little luck, you can also be interested in them!

I have been counting down for several years and I am starting to have an almost respected mini archive of Halloween posts.Here are those from recent years if you are interested.

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It has nothing to do with the blog, but I have to share with someone.This year I prepared a really charming Anya Forger costume.I am actually a bit proud of myself and I regret that I still can’t boast of it.Unfortunately, I’m not sure if anyone will recognize this character at work, but I still wear it in the office.