Creating buddies from anime

Guys, I have a story to tell you.It’s about me more than anime, so you may not be so interested.Treat it as your warning.

I have repeatedly mentioned on this blog that in real life I do not have a large circle of friends loving anime.I have one, but we don’t see each other very often.Besides, I think it would be malicious if I unloaded all my enthusiasm of Otaku on one person.That’s why I’m so glad that I have you too!

However, something has recently happened.

You will never guess what!

There have always been several anime lovers in my work.Mostly cute ladies.And although I was aware of their love for anime, we do not work directly, so we never had the opportunity to talk idly about our hobby.And since Pandemia and work from home, I hardly see colleagues with whom I work directly, not to mention those who are working in my office.It’s quite a big office.There are many people I haven’t talked to at all.

So I have never had a chance to create any amime buddies in the workplace.And with my high burden on work and an excessively introverted personality, I was almost sure that everything would remain so.

Most of you realized that I was wrong, thinking in this way.It would be a fairly poor story, if I said, now everyone has moved out, so we will never have the opportunity to talk …

Once one of these cute ladies was looking for places where she could find a specific older manga she decided to collect.And although I am an introvert, when this question caught my attention, of course I shared with the knowledge I had on this topic.I did not miss the opportunity to talk about the manga, especially one I really like.

The only thing is better than a conversation about the manga

It was a short, funny conversation, which made me a little happier for the rest of the afternoon.And that was it.

Until!A little later, a completely different young lady who knew about my love for anime, decided to ask me if I know something about the upcoming anime seasons.I did it and directed her to Anicart, which she willingly discovered.Now he can check all the anime, which is interesting as soon as her mood appears.

The first and second lady are anime buddies at work, so I finally had to have a few more conversations here and there.Which led to the fact that next year I was invited to join the cosplay at the concert.

I have an ambivalent attitude towards cosplay.I really like to collect pieces of costume and watch them all combine.I love to dress and improve makeup.I am slightly less impressed by wearing not always the most convenient costumes throughout the days in overcrowded congress halls and in the fucker summer heat.And although I don’t mind taking a photo, I think that all day strangers who come to talk to me can be a bit tiring.

And wigs will give you a headache …

However, I have never had the opportunity to change in a group before.I will be honest, I am very excited about it.Maybe I will even try to persuade us a few more people.I know someone who is very good in sewing …

In this short story, except that it is a bit cute and I wanted to share it, I mean it.It’s never too late to make friends with anime.Or generally friends, but let’s stay on the subject of this blog.

I do not hide my love for anime, but I do not advertise it openly.Most people who know me better than briefly know that I really like Japanese animation, and several of my colleagues (and bosses) know about this blog.You might think that I would be a little more cautious about what I am writing here, but I like to think that there is no way to read every post.At least I hope!

Most of them tell me that their children love stoves.It’s great, I’m a nice aunt for everyone or something.

If this is not exactly my experience with cosplay, I will be very disappointed

It never occurred to me that my hobby would help me contact people around my age.Did I mention that they were great people?

Although times are changing, sometimes I still remember when love for anime as an adult was seen as strange.And this is a good term.And there is still this kind of exclusive attitude in our community.Of course, not everyone.But you still quite often meet people who have something like us, and may cheat you that people are not interested in talking to you about anime and that you may not just share your thoughts on this subject with everyone.

So I wanted to share the story in which it was the opposite.Just remaining generally open about the anime gave me a really nice opportunity and there are many anime fans who are not in all forums or get into quarrels online and would like to meet more people to have a relaxed little fan of a moment from.

If you already have a lot of anime buddies, I am happy for you.I hope you get more.And if not, you will definitely find it soon!Or finally … it took me a few years.