Crown: this scene from season 5, which should enrager Prince William

Season 5 The Crown will be released in November next year.Prince William will probably not like the scene from the series.

The first episode of The Crown was released on November 4, 2016 on Netflix.Very quickly this production achieved stunning success.This series follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.In The Crown, viewers can imagine what the life of the British royal family looks like.Of course, in the series, the directors returned to important events in the English monarchy.On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 after more than 70 years of reign.Because

The series broke viewership records

on Netflix.

The fifth season of The Crown will be available from November 9 on Netflix.Fans of the series really can’t wait to discover the new stories of the British royal family.The last season focused at the beginning of the affair of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.During the sections, the relationship between the Princess of Wales and her husband became turbulent.The fifth season should therefore contain

Divorce of Karol and Diana

.The scandal, which also gave the bad image of the British royal family, should be staged in the next episode of The Crown.

Crown: Prince William against the memorable scene in the series

After parting with Prince Karol Lady Di, she took part in an interview about the Panorama program in 1995.Royal family .. this story

She shook the British crown

.Last year, Prince William demanded that this interview be emitted again.Then he confessed: “It was a big contribution to the deterioration of my parents’ relationship.”Series


However, it will not respect this rule, because this event will be organized in one of the episodes of the fifth season.A message that will probably upset the royal family.