Crunchyroll introduces anime music to the Second Sky music festival in 2022.

Well, it seems that the Second Sky music festival will have anime music this year, all thanks to Crunchyroll.This is certainly good news for all anime fans who take part in this music festival.Who knows, maybe he will create new anime fans.Time will tell here.

Let the music of the anime take place in Sky Music!

It seems that Crunchyroll-Hime is restoring a shiny jacket to this music festival.

Crunchyroll proudly announces that this year’s annual Second Sky music festival will bring music to anime from a well-known American DJ, music producer, music and singer

Porter Robinson

in the form of experience

Crunchroll anime shelter

.In fact, Robinson himself is just as excited about music to anime as we do.So excited that it has to say:

“Mogra is one of my favorite places in the world – all -night Anisongi and amazing Vjing live is an experience that has become rightly famous all over the world and it is a place where I go every time I am in Japan.Crunchyroll (who helped in creating Shelter) transfers the USA to the USA with Second Sky – if you come to the festival, don’t miss it! ”

So if you bring music from anime to Second Sky, can you ask?Well, they start by bringing DJs from the Anime Night Club Mogra from Akihabar, Tokyo.In fact, this is the first time you will return to the United States since 2019.The list of Japanese DJs appearing on Second Sky includes:


She opened Mogra in 2009. Since then, he moved the club’s club scene Mogra to an international audience through concert tours in the United States and Germany and in Twitch.

Taku Inoue

He is a producer of pop/dance music, who served as a member of the Bandai Namco sound band for almost a decade.He collaborated on the series The

[Email Protected]

and Tekken and is a DJ-chainist of Mogra.

DJ Wildparty

This is the Japanese DJ and DJ-resident Mogra, who established cooperation with various talents of vocalids, and his works appeared in The program The program

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Million Live!

Shelter of the Anime Crunchyroll in Second Sky: How to get there?

A short anime film that inspired the name of this cooperation, and pretty good to start.

Second Sky 2022 will take place

On Saturday, October 29 at the Oakland Arena Grounds, Oakland, California

.Artists will perform at the music festival, whose cursor is Porter Robinson in person.This includes those that Crunchroll introduces Shelter to his anime.Tickets for both the festival and the hotel package can be bought on

Official website of Second Sky

.Tickets are a bit expensive, and even admission itself costs USD 159.50, not including fees.However, if you are a fan of Second Sky, Porter Robinson, Crunchyroll or anime in general;It can be worth it.

Source: Crunchyroll News,

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