Crunchyroll opens the dubbing studio in France

Crunchyroll, the world anime streaming giant announced that it would open the Anime Dubbing Studio called Crunchroll Production France.

The company will be located in the North French city of Turcoyen.Development will help Crunchyroll record the episode in less than a week.This is due to the great experience of the team in Japanese translation into French and voice production.

Crunchyroll has already recorded over 1000 episodes of over 70 anime titles in French.It includes anime like



Spy X Family


In France, dubbed versions of television programs and films are very popular.It is believed that every third person in France dubbed under the bed.Therefore, by providing a version with dubbing, the company strives to increase traffic on its platform.The dubbing version will respect the content of the original Japanese version and pay special attention to the pronunciation of names and the way of action.


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