Crunchyroll presents anime music at the Second Sky Porter Robinson music festival

Crunchyroll announced that during the Second Sky Festival of the artist Edm Porter Robinson, special anime music will take place.Musical experience will be known as the Anime space of Shelter Crunchyroll and will include DJs from the iconic Anime Night Club Akihabara in Tokyo, Mogra, who are returning to the United States for the first time since 2019.

The composition of DJs at the Second Sky Festival will consist primarily of:

• D-Yam-an artist who founded and opened Mogra in 2009.He presented the club scene of the anime Mogra international audience through concert tours in the United States and Germany, as well as cramp broadcasts.• Taku Inoue – a producer of pop/dance music, who for almost a decade was a member of the Bandai Namco sound band.He collaborated with the franchises The

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and Tekken and is a DJ-chainist of Mogra.• DJ Wildparty – Japanese DJ and artist resident Mogra, who collaborated with various vocaloid talents, and his songs appeared in The program The program

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Million Live!

The SHELTER Anime space in Second Sky is a nod to the music video and short film to the Anime Shelter Crunchroll from 2016, written and produced by Porter Robinson.The space will also include several opportunities to take photos, interactive classes and a Crunchyroll bar offering a selected selection of anime inspired drinks.



It transfers the capture to Second Sky with anme music, with the participation of DJs from the Night Club from Akihabar and a completely new, second stage at the festival 💠

– Second Sky Music Festival (@ SecondSkyfest)

October 13, 2022

Crunchyroll will also support the Second Sky’s Cosplay Cup, which will take place on the spot in the space of Crunchrolll Anime Shelter.He will provide exclusive prizes for the three best winners in a special competition.More information will be made available to participants at a later date.

The Second Sky Festival will take place on October 29, 2022 at the Oakland Arena Grounds in Oakland, California, with the participation of artists, whose cursor is Porter Robinson personally.This will be the third edition of the festival, which will take place at the Halloween weekend.Fans can also expect that they will see completely new pages with works of art in all festival areas.

Second Sky One -day general admission, one -day VIP package and hotel packages can be bought on

Festival’s official website


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