Crunchyroll reveals the English cast of anime “more than marriage, but not lovers”

The English cast of Dubu includes:

Katelyn Barr, Matt David Rudd, Kayla Parker, Danielle Phillips and Kristian Eros provide additional voices.

Aaron Roberts is the deputy director of ADR.Noah Whitehead is an ADR engineer.Macy Anne Johnson wrote ADR scripts under the supervision of Emily Neves.John Van Doren is responsible for the preparation of ADR.

The premiere of the anime took place on October 9 in AT-X, Sun TV, Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto, and on October 11 on BS11.Crunchyroll broadcasts anime in Japan.

Takoo Kato (to Love-Ru, Pandora Hearts, Upotte !!) is the main director, and Junichi Yamamoto (Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen, Monster Girl Doctor) directs at the Mother Studio.Naruhisa Arakawa (Kingdom, Twin Star Exorcists, Upotte !!) is responsible for the scripts of the series, and Chizuru Kobayashi (Lagrange-Kwiat Rin-Ne, Pandora Hearts) designs characters.Akira Nagasak is an artist responsible for colors, and he manages the art of Akuzawa (Team Tilldawn).The photo composer is Misato Takahata (MEE), and the montage is dealt with by Ichirō Chaen (Typhoon Graphics).

Liyuu performs the first song “True Fool Love”, and Nowl performs the final song “Stuck on You”.



About a student of Jirō from the third grade of the Yakuin High School, who, together with his friend from the Gyar class, Akari Watanabe, participates in the “Marriage Training” project in the class, which involves practicing marriage.Jirō is the total opposite of Akari, but they both know that if they manage well, they will be able to change their partners to end their appropriate sympathies, so they force themselves to behave like a perfect marriage couple.

Manga appeared in the Kadokawa Young Ace magazine in 2018, and Kadokawa published the ninth volume 4 October

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Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)