Crunchyroll Streaming Play It Cool, Anime Guys

Cool Doji Danshi premiered on TV Tokyo and AT-X 10 October and on BS11 October 13, 2022: @Coldoji-p.

Crunchyroll will stream Play It Cool, guys from the Americas (North, Central and South), Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the community of independent countries, Oceania and India.

The message was announced on October 20, 2022, but we do not know the exact release date at Crunchyroll:

Cool Doji Danshi premiered on TV Tokyo and AT-X October 10 and on BS11 on October 13, 2022.

The adaptation of the anime Cool Doji Danshi was first announced in April 2022, when the main cast and staff were revealed.Therefore, it was also announced that the anime would be broadcast on two tracks, starting from October 2022.

The television animation consists of short, 15-minute episodes.

The Play It Cool, Guys cast and anime staff

Chiaki Kon (Junjou Romantica) directs anime in the Pierrot studio.

The additional employees are:

Makoto Uezu – screenwriter Airi Taguchi – character designer, main director of animation Masato Nakayama – music composer

The main cast of Cool Doji Danshi includes:

Chiaki Kobayashi (Askladd in Vinland Saga) – Hayate Ichikurakuki Uchiyama (Merum in Hunter X Hunter) – Shun Futamyuuichirou Umehara (Goblin Slayer as Goblin Slayer) – mima Takayukishouya Chiba (Ayaność in classroom of the elite)

Additional cast members are:

Satomi Satomi – Asami Futamikazuyuki Okitsu – Sota Shikiharuka Shiraishi – Momozakiyou Taichi – Yashikane Ben Takanashi – Akaiseiichiro Yamashita – Kidakouhei Amasaki – Aoyama

Th the theme song OP is “Seishun Kippu” (“Youth Ticket”) Mafumafu, and the edge song ED “Flash!”It is performed by Seiyuu, who expresses the four main characters (Hayate, Shun, Mima and Shiki), namely Chiaki Kobayashi, Kooki Uchiyama, Yuuichirou Umehara and Shouya Chiba.

About Manga Play It Cool, Guys Series

Play it Cool, Guys (クールドジ男子, Cool Doji Danshi) jest oparta na tytułowej mandze internetowej autorstwa Kokone Nata.

Originally, Cool Doji Danshi consisted of a series of published illustrations on Twitter Mangaki Naty in 2018.However, because they turned out to be quite popular, Nata decided to transform them into a full -fledged series of manga with original characters that debuted through her Twitter account.

The play it series Manga Cool, Guys has been served on the Pixiv website since February 2019. Until now, Square Enix has published four volumes of Tankōbon under its own Gangan Comics Pixiv print.

Yen Press has a license for a series in English.The language version in North America and around the world, because the digital version has also been made available in addition and replace the book in a soft frame.

Play cool, the guys inspired the new Shino Kaeda adaptation in 2020.The novel entitled “Cool Doji Danshi: Connect It Cool, Guys” was also published by Square Enix.