Crunchyroll will debut in the English version of the second season of the POP Team Epic on Saturday

Anime premiered on October 1

The premiere of the anime took place in Japan on October 1.series:

Raw, naughty and a bit … sweet?Get ready for the amazing Popuko and Pipimi attitude, small and tall stars pop team epic!Based on the bizarre, four -pitched Bukubu ōkawy internet comic, a comedy is created that will delight you with amazing jokes and intense absurdity.Do you think you’re ready for these girls?Think again, f#%** er!

The first television series of anime premiered in January 2018 Hidive, Funimion, Cruncharoll, AsianCrush and Amazon Prime Video broadcast anime as it was broadcast in Japan.The Adult Swim Toon block began broadcasting the series in June 2018. Funimony published anime on Blu-ray disc in North America in October 2018. Netflix began the anime broadcast in the United States in February 2020, but only half of each section was originally available.Since then, Netflix has again sent the full versions of each episode.

Full episodes of the original anime last after 23 minutes.Each episode consists of two main parts with similar content.Two parts have different voice actors, as well as various content, such as changed jokes.

Anime is an adaptation of the surreal four-channel manga Kuba Oka, which focuses on two 14-year-old girls, low pop and high pipimi.

Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)