Crunchyroll will release a Blu-ray set on the 30th anniversary of Yu Yu Hakusho in January 2023.

Crunchyroll announced that on January 31, 2023, he would issue a special set of boxes from Blu-ray Yu Yu Hakusho on the 30th anniversary of the anime series.anniversary.

In addition to all four seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho, a set of boxes on the 30th anniversary of Yu Yu Yu Hakusho contains special graphics and two OVA, which was dubbed for the first time.There are also many special functions, including “Yu Yu Yu Hakusho: Looking back to heritage”, “Yu Yu Hakusho: Behind the project” and “Video commentary to episode 63”.

In addition to the Yu Yu Hakusho set-the 30th Box Set anniversary, Crunchroll revealed that in January the following Blu-ray/DVD sets will issue:

• Sasaki and Miyano-The Complete Season Blu-ray-January 3

• Sabikui Bisco-the whole Blu-ray season-January 3

•Listen to me!-Blu-ray season 1-January 10

• Platinum end-part 1 Blu-ray-January 10

• Prince Genius’s guide on how to get a nation out of debts-complete Blu-ray season-January 17

• One Piece-season 12 Voyage 2 Blu-ray + DVD-January 17

• Black Clover-season 3 full Blu-ray-January 17

• Ascendance of a Bookworm-Blu-ray season 3-January 31

There will also be a limited Blu-ray edition for The Stranger by The Shore, packed in a collector’s case and contains an exclusive artbook, which will be released on January 24.All of the above titles are pre -sale.


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