Curiosity office Episode 3: After rodents, make room for …

Halloween is getting closer and to put us in a mood, the streaming platform decided to use the services of the horror master: Guillermo del Toro.The new original creation will consist of eight episodes, but contrary to all Netflix adversities, it has not released them at the same time!That is why we will have to wait until tomorrow to watch

Episode 3 of the Curiosity Office

The Anthology series was eagerly expected by the subscribers of the American company and tension extension is not a bad thing, but we hope that it will not become a habit … So you will get two new episodes that will be published in the network every evening, until the great final planned for Friday 28October 2022

The title of the third episode of Curiosity Cabinet is: “Authority”

So what does Guillermo del Toro have it up our sleeve?

Curiosity office Episode 3: Too free episodes?

Each episode was directed by a different person, which allows viewers to offer completely different chapters.Vincenzo Natali (Cube) or even Guillermo Navarro (Hannibal series) contributed to the staging of the novel under the watchful eye of Guillermo del Toro.The latter, however, imagined most of the creatures and wrote the script for “Party 36” and “Whisper”.

If the first two episodes did not turn out to be too slow, like most reviews, you must be willing to find out what awaits us.

Episode 3 of the Cabinet of Limenities

.Unfortunately, the platform for streaming with a red logo did not reveal the rest of the fiction!

That is why we will have to wait until tomorrow to watch two new stories, which will certainly present Guillermo del Toro, because the screenwriter decided to show himself in one of his creations for the first time!That is why we will have the pleasure to participate in

A small introduction to the third episode of the curiosity cabinet tomorrow on Netflix


What is the release date of episode 3 of the Cabinet of Limenities on Netflix?

Two episodes will be released every day until October 28, 2022.

The release date of the third episode of the Curiosity Cabinet on Netflix is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

.The fourth episode will also be released online and will be entitled “Prison of appearances”.

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