Cyberpunk 2077: You can have your own songs in the game

Extension Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty, will allow you to listen to your own songs.How ?We explain the procedure of conduct and the specificity of this novelty.

CD Projekt RED organizes a special event that will accompany the content of additional cyberpunk 2077, i.e. music.contest.

Your compositions to listen to in Cyberpunk 2077

This is at least an original initiative.Until November 30, 2022, CD Projekt RED invites you to compose music and

passing them on

.Why ?Include them in Growl FM, the CP2077 social station: Phantom Liberty.

Create a song worthy of a Night City star to have a chance to win amazing prizes!Such as ?What if we tell you that your song will be in the game?!We are looking for great music to play in the new social station Growl FM, which will appear in the Expansion Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

To learn the rules, you must first create music by referring to the video of our article.This should be your main inspiration.But there are also instructions that should be followed as to the jota.

What you have to do

Create a song in any style or species AUTHORY A song or instrumental song, lyrics accepted in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, from 2 to 3 minutes you will put this song in a 24-bit PCM WAV STEREO format

For which you absolutely do not have the right to

Do not use or try copyright protected materials, do not copy texts or poems from other songs and fiction works, etc. Word into word.The content must be original. Do not use someone else’s songs without their consent>ten address.

Get glory and gifts

In addition to your song in the extension of Phantom Liberty Cyberpunk 2077, other awards are involved.

Software “Elements Suite” worth $ 3,000 isotoTopeze set of gadgets with a bag in the colors of the game, a pendant, collector statuette … and flag?In the photo it is difficult to distinguish the folding item.