D4DJ All Mix broadcast in January 2023, presents a new visual key

The D4DJ All Mix production team – the second season of the D4DJ anime series – announced that it will premiere in January 2023. The new Key Visual with a broadly revealed the cast of the character, and Sanzigen returns to deal with the production of animation.

The news about the production of D4DJ All Mix was first announced in April 2022, and the independent episode entitled D4DJ Double Mix was also broadcast in August.

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Most of the production team from the first season, D4DJ First Mix, return to work on the second season.In this Seiji Mizushima (Beatless) as the main director, Daisuke Suzuki (D4dj Double Mix) as the director of the series and Gou Zappa (How a Realist Hero Rebilt the Kingdom) as a screenwriter of the series.Yachie is attributed to original character designs, while Takuya Chanhara (D_Cide Traumerei The Animation) and Yuuka Hachimori (Bang Dream! Morfonication) are designing the character of animation.Ryouhei Sataka (Gleipnir) returns to compose music to anime.

All members of the voice cast from the first season will return to their roles.The voice contains Yuuka Nishio as Rink Aimoto, Karin Kagami as Maho Akashi, Haruka Mimura as Muni Oonaruto and canon Shizaki as Rei Togetsu.

D4DJ First Mix was broadcast from October 30, 2020 to January 29, 2021 and included 13 episodes.Bushiriaad is assigned original labor and production loans.It was broadcast all over the world on various websites, such as Crunchyroll, Funiation and Sentai Filmworks.The latter also has the right to distribute video at home for the series.

The D4DJ series inspired many manga, games, live events and concerts.The short spin-off series entitled D4DJ Petit Mix was also broadcast from February to July 2021.

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Funiation describes the first season as follows:

After returning to Japan from abroad, Rink Aimoto moves to Yob Academy, where Djing is popular.He is deeply moved by the DJ concert, which he sees there, and decides to create his own unit from Maho Akashi, Muni Oonaruto and Rei Togetsu.

During interaction with other DJ units, such as Peaky P-Key and Photon Maiden, Rink and her friends strive for a high stage!


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