D4DJ: ALL MIX release date (season 2) in winter 2023 confirmed by Nowy Key Visual

The second season is coming!Photo: Sanzigen

The release date of D4DJ: First Mix falls on January 2023.

On October 24, 2022, @d4dj_pj revealed a new visual key D4DJ: All Mix.The official website has also been updated;We know the story and we know when to expect the premiere.

D4DJ: All Mix is the second season of the D4DJ: First Mix and the return of the original cast and cast has been confirmed.D4DJ: All Mix will premiere in the winter of 2023 in Japan, but now it is not known whether Crunchyroll will broadcast episodes

But fans can watch D4DJ: First mix on Crunchyroll.

Lyrical Lily will attract a lot of attention!Source of the photo: Sanzigen

What do we know about D4DJ: All Mix?

According to the official anime website, D4DJ: All Mix will focus on Lyrical Lily instead of Happy Around!Our main DJ unit from First Mix.

Lyrical Lily consists of MiMi Sakurada, Harun Kasuga, Miiko Takeshita and Kumomo Shiratori.The girls attend the Arisugawa Academy and are considered a service that makes people smile.

The Chamber of Commerce asks Haruna to organize a revitalization event for the community from the new year, which will last all year.Lyrical Lily agrees, but in the spirit of service he decides to connect with himself and with units honored at the DJs D4 FES festival.

Other units are happy!, Peaky key P, Photon Maiden, Merm4id and Rondo.Lyrical Lily is the only unit in which only Japanese actors perform and is the only unit in which the original costumes fit together, not counting the accessories.

TV アニメ 「「 D4DJ All Mix 」キービジュアル 公開 ✨ ✨


気 に なる アニメ の 詳細 は 、 、

本 日 同時 公開 の 公式 公式 公式 にて 順次 お知らせ 予定 予定 です ので お楽しみ に!!



Tokyo MX 、 BS 日 テレ 他 にて にて 2023 年 1 月 放送 スタート!!



– D4DJ (ディー フォーディージェー) 公式 (@D4DJ_PJ)

October 24, 2022

It all started with a coating!

Although the plot skeleton was deadly destroyed, I am addicted to D4DJ: First Mix.Character designs are clear and their personalities are reliable.

However, I do not like that Muni is constantly looking for praise.I understand the need for recognition and encouragement, mainly because it publishes art on the Internet.

But this does not give her the right to severely criticism of Maho art when they met.Everyone has their own style and all art is worthy.

I will never get bored of the view of Maho T-tos at the end of each episode and I love wow war tonight.D4DJ: First Mix does a great job explaining the basics of being a DJ and I can’t wait to see what D4DJ: All Mix has his sleeve.

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