Dance with the stars: The return of this characteristic dancer is unanimous

After seven weeks of dance with the stars, a special bonus was an ideal opportunity for this legendary dancer to make her return.

Dancing with the stars became a cult program on French television.It passed already

seven weeks

when the stars are fighting for a place in the quarter -finals.And one

special bonus

has been distributed.A great opportunity to reveal identity


!This mysterious person was able to record the performances of Florent Peyre, Léa élui, Carli Lazzari, Stéphane Legar, Billy Crawford and Thomas da Costa.Until then, no one really knew who was hiding under the hood … however

very sharp reviews

They put him in the spotlight.It looked almost as if this person experienced refereeing performances … and for a reason!

For several weeks, Internet users have been looking forward to the identity of the mysterious judge.revealed.Of course, it was an opportunity for them to formulate their wildest hypotheses.Besides, most fans were right!Thanks to numerous tips, it is impossible not to guess.

Chris Marx

He revealed that he slept in the same hotel room as that person.During Magneto, yogurt was also shown

Bulgarian slogan



.However, viewers had doubts.Indeed, some people thought

Shy, Marie-Claude Pietragall


Matt Pokora

.In fact, it was about

Denitsa iconomova

!Many viewers also thought about a dancer.

A symbolic figure of dancing with the stars

The judge of the mystery is therefore indeed the professional dancer Denitsa Ikonomova.Dancing with the stars, this is not alien because she won the competition no less than

four times

!Indeed, even if she changed partners every time, you can’t deny her talent.The young woman accompanied

Rayane Bensetti


Loic Nottet, Laurent Maistret



.What’s more, Denitsa Ikonomova is everywhere.After winning

Mask singer 3

So he returns in dancing with the stars.

All Internet users are delighted, even if some would like to be a little more surprised.We can read on Twitter: a useless secret!We all knew it was her “,”

Without surprise

, but with joy seeing her back in the program.Like Jean-Marc Généreux, she is very lacking in the series “or” Oh, it’s Denitsa !!*

Pretend you’re shocked

*.”One Internet user even jokes:” It’s Denitsa.Damn, I thought it was Judge Cordier!»