Dandadan gn 1

It must be deliberate for the first volume of Dandadana to come out shortly before Halloween, right?The series has been available at Shonen Jump for over a year and has been available online as long.It is also not available in the application, so I always skipped it, but now that I read it, I can’t believe what I missed.

The first thing that catches the eye in Dandania is art. From the first pages, Ayase practically jumps on the side with a sense of movement and perspective when he throws a kick at his ex -boyfriend. Yukinobu tatsu leads to creating a sense of life or, depending on the case, non-life, in every panel, and when Ayase and Okarun move around their world, each environment builds the necessary mood and atmosphere. There is a comfortable knowledge of the school and the temple, which Ayase calls home, so susceptible to violation, and disgusting terrifying classical horror environments, such as decaying hospitals and abandoned tunnels. Locations can be standard, but this seems to be a conscious choice, because history is effectively playing with the expectations and stereotypes of the genre of horror. Well, of course the terrifying hospital is haunted, but do you expect that at the same time there will be ghosts and aliens? Probably not! And when both protagonists encounter something they didn’t believe, he will build in important dynamics.

In addition, these ghosts and aliens are very terrifying, too detailed and just a little annoying and uncomfortable to the eye.Their incompatibility with the rest of art creates incredible, as was the case in other series, such as Mieruko-chan and the monstrous appetite of Sachi.However, unlike these two series, they have the same sense of movement as the rest of the characters, which makes them feel more like a direct threat than just disturbing.This old lady who asks to swallow Schlong Okarun means business, and ignoring her will not solve the problem.After all, it’s a horror-comedy of the action!

As it turns out, one of the reasons why Dandadan is not in the Shonen Jump application, there is a lot of blue comedy.The grandmother’s ghost actually devours Schlong Takakury, and Ayase must keep an eye on him all the time to stop him from transformation.Yes, it includes doing poop, to disappoint Okarun.I cannot underestimate the dirty comedy, which is not based on the fact that female characters are humiliated or sexually harassed.Instead, the humor is more inclined to Slapstick, with a lot of screams, pushing and uncongradation.

Many manga has this kind of humor and fails, but Dandadan manages to do it, showing your heart next to horror and humor.Okarun’s situation … throws him and Ayase into a much more intimate relationship than they would probably develop differently.They both have chemistry as foils and friends.Ayase can speak hard and have a terrible taste for men, but he has a good heart that shines from the first pages;Okarun is a small, piping nerd, but its guts are broken when it counts.Well, except that he gets into depression when he transforms into his great form.This is a matter that he will have to overcome.

But anyway, it is clear from the text: these are two good kids who needed each other.Their appropriate beliefs in supernatural phenomena and UFOs mean them as outsiders.Ayase, with her grandmother, medium, has a complicated relationship with her faith in ghosts and learned to keep it secret because of social integration, while Okarun is open to his wake and is caught for it.Everyone offers the second something he is missing: for Ayase Okarun is a person he can talk about with the supernatural, and she in turn provides him with friendship and protection against bullies.They really care about each other, and this makes it easier to accept all scenes in which they only scream and argue.

However, there are several weak points.As I said before, Ayase is never molested for humor … But he does it for drama and tension at many points.While the number of fans is relatively low, these scenes have an uncomfortable note of lust when the hands of the villains tear Ayase out of her clothes and steal to her thighs.Sexual threat is just as tired of the subject as in the case of women’s characters in the face of a threat, and neglecting this shows a real lack of creativity.Particularly frustrating is seeing a character so powerful at the beginning as Ayase is measured with her;Is there no way to force her to wake up to her power, which is not associated with the threat of rape, forced pregnancy and gut?

Although several dozen dandadan chapters are available in English, so far I have read only the first volume.Still, I’m curious what awaits us.Will Ayase and Okarun still behave like equal partners as their ties are strengthened?I read enough Shonen Manga to be cynical in relation to how they treat their female characters, and I’m worried that when Okarun gets full control over their power-up, Ayase will be degraded to the role of support.I want to hope for the best, but I was wounded before.I will definitely read to see what will happen.