Daredevil: This condition applied by Charlie Cox on his return to restart

Charlie Cox, a translator of Daredevil, demanded a very special condition to return to the reboot of the iconic series that is to appear on Disney+.

Charlie Cox

He knows what he wants.British actor and contractor

Matt Murdocka



, set a condition for returning to the iconic role of a blind superhero.Which ?

This one wants more CGI action scenes [Effts Spéciaux Numériques, NDLR] in the reboot of the series that will appear on Disney+, Daredevil – Born Again.

In an interview given


Charlie Cox describes his desires to restart Daredevil in detail after his character returns to a sealed series


, she says: “Forgive me if I’m a bit unclear.I would say that with a little luck in Daredevil – Born Again, the Disney+series, we will be able to use it, but you have to use it sparingly, a little more CGI in the sequences of action.Only to bring out the hero’s gymnastic abilities, which are basically impossible to perform.”So if you see a Daredevil spinning in a triple axis or a rear somersault …

It is possible that this is a digital trick, not Charlie Cox in action.

Great return of the hero

2022 means the loud return of Daredevil to the heart of Marvel Cinematic Universe ().

Already at the end of 2021, in Spider-Man-No Way Home, Matt Murdock returned quietly at the turn of the new adventures of The Man-Spider.This year the guardian

Hell’s Kitchen



Her Hulk also appeared in the last two episodes.He returns in great shape and with great fanfare, both as Daredevil, but also as Matt with great potential to become an object of love



she Hulk

in the upcoming season.But the real return of the hero will be common


.Currently in the production of Daredevil – Born Again is the restart of the Disney+ superior series, originally initiated by


.Apartment?No, the revival of the serial series.

For now, this new year of Daredevil should consist of 18 new episodes.

Fans of a lawyer with superheroes will soon receive a new dose of Charlie Cox in elastane.Well, courage … 2024 is not so far away!