Date of release shinobi no ittoki English dub revealed by Crunchyroll

Ittoki Sakuraba from Shinobi no ittoki.Picture source: DMM Pictures X Troyca

The release date of Shinobi No Ittoki English Dub is October 18, 2022, in the winter season of Anime 2022. You can watch English Dub at Crunchyroll.

The anime version with subtitles is currently broadcast in Tokyo MX, AT-X and BS Asahi.

Crunchyroll also announced Shinobi without an English cast and dubbing team in Shinobi No Ittoki.

Cast and team in dubbing shinobi no ittoki

The main English cast shinobi no ittoki is:

Howard Wang (Langa Hasegawa in SK8 Infinity) as Ittoki Sakurabaemily Fajardo (Aisha Udgard at How A Realist Hero Rebult the Kingdom) as Kousetsian Sinclair (Wen-Li Yang at Legend of the Galactic Heroes) as Tokisada Kagakatelyn Barr (Takt Asahina in Tact OpSakurabaeric Vale (Tomura Shigraki) My Hero Acadekaren) as Kidou minobyim foronda (Riiman in Arifreta: from Commonplace to World) ‘s Strgygest) as a coat Moriyamatiffany Solano as Reiha Tsgeemi Lo (Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)Bray, Ethan Gallardo, Spencer Liles, Mark Allen Jr., Erica Muse, Aaron Campbell

The main English team includes:

ADR director – Shawn Gannassistant ADR director – Marcus Stimaclead Engineer ADR – Jamal Robersonassistant Engineer ADR – Stevie Rae Krieger ADR screenwriters – Clayton Browning, Matt Shipmankiernik ADR – Emily Nevesadr Prep – Brandon Peters Neves Malley

Shinobi No Ittoki is an original anime series created by DMM Pictures and Troyca.The anime history looks like this:

Ittoki Sakuraba is an ordinary boy trying to live his everyday life, until one day he learns that he is the 19th legitimate successor of the Ninja Iga clan!His life is in danger because of the competing Ninja clan.Now he has to fight and train to become a real ninja.

The theme song OP Shinobi No Ittoki is “Hikari” (Light) of the jrock band Humbreaders.And the guiding song Ed Shinobi No Ittoki is the “Oveetate” of the Hockrockb music band.The first album of the band Major, “Pencil Rocket”, containing the ED song, will be released on October 26, 2022.

For more information about the series, visit the official Shinobi No Ittoki

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