Dead Space Remake: Extremely tempting gameplay, point in the information

Dead Space Remake is expected only next year, but he remembers us with a new trailer, fragments of the game.We also sum up the contribution of this version.

When it appears on January 23, 2023, Dead Space Remake will not have to shake Survival Horor as it was.In 2008, but he will have to go beyond himself, respecting and improving the vision of the game Visceral Games.It seems to be very well done!

Dead Space Remake, Survival Horror pillar

Much more than a visual update

Although the series devoured its path during the sections, with the third part less liked because of the strong tendency to act, the first part is still remembered.And in this respect Dead Space Remake wants to do as well and even better.

To this end, EA Motive teams wanted to remain absolutely faithful to the original.If the general content is identical, the visual aspect is radically different.From one scene to the other, the title is beyond recognition, like a fragment in which we must reactivate generators.This time the sets are certainly more detailed – thanks to the latest generation of Frosbite Engine – and more elements powers environmental narrative absent in the original.It is also one of the places that benefit from the flexibility of motion in a state of weightlessness thanks to 360 ° management inherited from two more opus.

But the application will also surprise the entire system called Intensity Director.Thanks to this, the creators dynamically adapt the visual effects of the environment (light, smoke, etc.).In the decontamination sequence, we feel this feeling of being closed with an enemy, which can “disappear” under the influence of effects, so that it is better to jump later, surprising us.A system that also allows you to change the Nekromorf Rebirth Points and the way they attack Isaac.

Another modification and no less important, this remake was considered a long sequence included with the removal of any charging or cutting off the camera so that the player was glued to the controller and to get “unprecedented” immersion.The teams also reserve new areas to examine.

The hero is more vivid than ever

The story of Dead Space Remake will be the one you know, but with several small twists.First of all, the introduction of narrative elements from DS2 and DS3 to deepen the tradition from the very beginning.Isaac Clarke also found the voice of actor Gunner Wright, who doubles the hero in the second and third episodes.

A completely new Alive system will translate our hero’s mental and physical state.This program gives us feedback on breath and beating the heart of Isaac, and also contains dialogues and other spoken sounds.Running, getting into a hard fight or loss of oxygen will bring results.In the event of a jump of fear, fear will be felt in Isaac’s new voice.A voice that the fatigue of our survivors will affect in three degrees (normal, tired or injured).Similarly, the resumption of oxygen will no longer “create video games” in the sense that Isaac is now catching his breath gradually and not immediately.

More bloody game, improved sound design

The more blood, the better, right?You will usually be served.Because now every shot from your weapon is able to tear the necromorphs’ body, their muscles to ultimately smash their bones.To check if all this will be really detectable in the fire or not.

The Dead Space Remake sound landscape will also enter a new dimension thanks to various technologies or processes, such as occlusion/sound obstruction and 3D sound.Specifically, sounds include the hero’s position, obstacles or types of materials.If you face a metal door with glass on the side, the sounds will play through glass, not through the door.The weapon was also converted to ensure better sound reproduction.For example, the plasma part of the plasma cutter is more precise than in the original.

New weapon improvements

Do you want a more advanced plasma cutter or assault rifle?Dead Space Remake hides new improvements, which nature still remains a secret …