Death Stranding 2: Two prestigious guests already known?

Any other famous guests except Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna in Death Stranding 2?This, of course, goes in the right direction … Hideo Kojima recently scanned two personalities.

It is quite possible that Death Stranding 2 will continue to contain many camera, and here are some candidates.

Did Death Stranding 2 reveal its first two guests?

Elle Fanning will be in the cast Death Stranding 2 in an important role, but Hideo Kojima should also renew his concept of preppers.Characters who live in isolation in their bunkers and appear in the form of a hologram.It is from them that you can accept or issue commands to reconstruct the chiral network.

The specificity of these preparations is that they were all based on existing personalities.We will not exchange them all, but there was, for example, Geoff Keight (organizer Game Awards), director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (

Kong Skull Island

…) and Edgar Wright (

Last night in Soho

…), Mangaka horror Junji Ito or even Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, who was still at Guerilla Games, a studio from the Horizon series.

For continuation, Kojima-san can add

SS Rajamouli

, director of the hit Indian film RRR, to the Death Stranding 2 Preppers list.Between the two promotional sessions of the premiere of the feature film in Japan SS Rajamouli visited Kojima Productions.During his trip he was scanned by police dad.

Earlier legend

Mamoru Oshii

The director of the Ghost animated film in Shell was also photographed in the studio.