Declared: the first stolen image of the exclusive Xbox series à la skyrim

Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment The next large RPG (The Outer Worlds), reveals a new image and information about the backstage development.

Of all the acquisitions of Xbox, Obsidian Entertainment is definitely one of the best interesting.The creators of the iconic Fallout New Vegas are currently working on a completely new series, Avowed, which is victims of the leak.

Picture in Avowed

Unfortunately, there is no quality, but Jes Corden, the editor of Windows Central, published the image of Avowed before withdrawal.But as we say, the Internet saves everything.Banality, which goes towards what we expect: games in the medieval universe with magic and first -person view.Did you say Skyrim

Apparently, the world of the title, eora, would be much larger than The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.Dynamic weather would be potentially, which would affect the elements of the scenery, such as waterways.Like in The Outer Worlds, comrades would be next to the player to defeat giant monsters.Avowed would also have a dynamic dialog system and allow the player to kill everything that is moving, with the consequences.

Development that collects the hair of the beast

The internal restart of the game also seems to be confirmed by the information previously made available by Jason Schreier.Jez Corden said in her removed tweet:

They changed the team and creative directors, but as a result they had a better development rhythm and a better vision.The first vertical fragment (NLDR: a presentation aimed at demonstrating the studio’s intention) under this new direction appeared much faster.I think that the direction of the game has changed in a good way and I will tell you someday.

The release date on Xbox Series X | S and PC is not for tomorrow.