Dedigam’s mélanie has changed: reveals his new hairstyle, the fans are under charm

Dedigam’s Mélanie caused a sensation on Instagram with a new hairstyle.No wonder his fans react massively!

If you think that the messages are pulled at the moment, wait to see what causes

Instagram noise

.Sometimes you don’t need much to ignite Reality TV fans.As evidence, Mélanie Dedigam has just published a simple photo … her new hairstyle!Admittedly, influencer knows how to sticke on the web.His career on reality TV is dotted with absences, but intense.From Secret Story to the 1950s, a young woman created five programs in less than four years!In social networks, Switzerland takes care of a neat image.

A short pink t -shirt and a shy smile accompany the new hairstyle Mélan Dedigam.In the signature:

“I cut everything.”

Be sure that the influencer may not make Les Marseillais, she exaggerates a little.No Sinead O’Connor cut for Mélanie.Far from cutting everything, she just made a square.And again a long square.Still, it’s shorter than before.Suddenly, the influencer asks fans to express his opinion: “I really don’t know what to think about it.And you? “Given the reactions, he can sleep on two ears!

Dedigama mélanie: fans fall in love with her new appearance

There are no less than 237,000 people who liked the new appearance of Mélan Dedigam.A great success that accompanies

Many enthusiastic comments

.Among the more dityrambic compliments than others, we notice: “Mama Karen !!!!!You are too beautiful “,” model

Victoria Secret

“,” How sublime you are “,” It suits you too much, honey “,” Canon “,” wonderful my chick “or” radiant “.Of course, everyone is accompanied by a stream of heart and love emoticons.Well, we inevitably get an inappropriate compliment (“plane”, it’s very nice, but who wants to be compared to Boeing?) And an unconscious observer who seems to see Mélan for the first time: “hmmmm, not bad at all, girl.Okay, and you suddenly, what do you think about this new hairstyle?