Deku vs Shygaraki: who won the fight (and whether he is really stronger)

From the beginning My Hero Acadekaren, when the Shiganów began to be interested in Izuku Midoriya, the fans were eagerly waiting for the moment when the duel against each other finally.This battle finally took place in the Paranormal Liberation War thread, which was adapted by the anime in the season 6. Does our Dek hero win this fight, or does the strongest villain Tomur Shygaraki finally stay?

In the end, one does not overcome the other.The battle is interrupted by the traces of One For All, which are trying to interfere and stop Shigracks from taking over their quirks for themselves.After that, Deku ultimately becomes unable to fight, and Shygaraki becomes fatally wounded and runs away.

This duel is still not over, because we will see how they fight each other again in the last manga chapters.However, it is worth taking a closer look at how their first fight actually took place and who is stronger of them.

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War for paranormal liberation

Those who are currently watching the new anime season are already familiar with the Paranormal Liberation Front and the ongoing raid planned by the characters.This raid happens in two places at the same time, in one in Jaku’s hospital, where Endeavor, Mirko, Eraser Head and other leading heroes try to capture the doctor All For One and the sleeping Tomura Shigraki.The second invasion takes place in Gunga Mountain Villa, the Operational Base of the villains, where Fat Gum, Edgeshot, Hawks and many heroes plan to stop every enemy placed there.

These two groups of heroes are also accompanied by students who are responsible for providing support, help and evacuation of civilians in Jaku City.Deku was established with his close friends of Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki as a support for the Endeavour team.

Although the heroes responsible for capturing Shigorak do everything in their power, they finally fail and he wakes up.Now, stronger than ever, thanks to having All For One, he uses his quirks to destroy the entire hospital and its surroundings, while killing heroes.This begins the battle between Tomura Shigraki and all other heroes, but he only looks at Izuku Midoriya.

Shigraki uses one of his new quirks, Search, which was originally the power of the Ragdoll hero to locate One for All.Deku learns about this thanks to the vision they give him for all and listening to Endeavour through the phone, which means that he and Bakugo leave their group so that Shigracks do not approach civilians.Shygaraki finally approaches them and when he intends to attack and destroy them, Gran Torino appears and saves Deku and Bakugo.

To continue protecting children and take control of the battle, Eraser Head, supported by a manual, who waters Eraser and Rock Lock’s eyes, uses his quirks to Shigraki, preventing him from using newly discovered power, while Endeavour and Ryukyu are trying to fight him.Although Shigraki has his freaks off, he still has great strength thanks to the upgrade of the doctor, the strength comparable to All Might.In addition, some of the high-end Nomus delay other heroes, which leads to the fact that Deku and Bakugo join the fight to protect their teacher.

All this ultimately leads to the fact that Deku takes Shygaraki in a single battle, while he protects the other heroes and uses all his newly discovered quirks to defeat Shigraki as soon as possible.

Izuku Midoriya versus Tomura Shigraki

Enraged by what Shigracks did pro to heroes who are his mentors and people he loves, Deku jumps as high as he can, carrying everyone with one of his new quirks, Blackwhip.He does it because Shigracks no longer have his won his quirks and can kill everyone with his ability to decompose if they touch the earth.Deku also reveals another quirks, which he recently began to use, the skill of Nana Shimura, Float.This means that neither he nor anyone he holds with Blackwhip will fall to the ground.Flying in the air, Deku approaches Shigigraki and states that he will finish it at the moment, because the battle should no longer prolong.

Since there would be destruction, if Shigraki touched the earth, Deku also uses Blackwhip on it and tries to fight him in the air as long as he can, going all out.This leads to the weakening of his control over Blackwhip, so he releases the other heroes, trying to focus only on Shygaraki, leaving others frustrated that they are unable to do anything.Although this is dangerous, Deku is the only person who is able to keep the villain in the air, so he must fight him.

While Deku goes all the way and hits him with 100% blows, Shigraki is able to endure these blows a bit thanks to his freaks of super regenation.But the injuries that he treats the Deku accumulate and disturb the endurance of Shigigraki, so he attacks him with full power, not caring for the effects that these attacks exert on his body.When Shigraki tries to hit the Dek back, Deku does not allow it and gain an advantage.Deku attacks finally start to deal more injuries than Shigigraki’s body can accept, and he begins to think about which quirks can act against the Dek, while Deku still destroys both their bodies.

Although Deku tolerates this battle, Bakugo thinks that he would finally lose and his body will give up, leading him and the rest of the heroes to develop a plan for interfering with the battle.In the end, their plan does not work, and Bakugo is seriously wounded because of the protection of the desek against the skekarki attempt to arrest his quirks.This situation makes Deku blinded with pure rage.

Deku goes crazy and attacks Shygaraki with all his body, even using teeth to destroy Shigigraki’s quirks.But this only leads to the fact that Deku is open to the touch of Shigraki, who uses this opportunity to steal him for all.They end in the landscape of the mind of Deku, where they conduct a long discussion with the remains of One for All and All for One.It finally ends their fight.

They both are very injured, and Shigigraki tries to withdraw, escaping from other heroes.But later they both joined the fight again at the best release during the arc of the final war, which is currently taking place in the manga.With his six new quirks, Izuku Midoriya can definitely move away from Tomura Shigraki and All For One, but they seem to have aces in their sleeve.

So ultimately we cannot be sure which of them is stronger than the other, because their fight has not yet ended, and both characters have many quirks.We can only hope that our hero, along with his friends and mentors, will defeat the strongest villain My Hero Acadekaren and save the situation.

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