Delicious Party Precure – Episode 32

This episode of Delicious Party Pretty Cure seems to be more interested in deepening the building of the world than developing a story, and this is not necessarily bad.Until this point, we didn’t see much of what meme and pam pam actually do, and Kome’s ability to strengthen girls is also the last achievement.Learn that every fairy is associated with a specific category of food, it can be something that we could easily deduce, but it is worth determining, and especially gives meme a special ability that allows a small dragon to be more than a cosmetic nice.

We also get a better idea of how Cures powers actually work, which, although this is not absolutely necessary, makes the whole configuration more solid.Other classic shows of magic girls (and a mandatory reminder that this term refers to the shows of magic girls addressed to children) traditionally allowed us to see how the powers and power sources are related to each other: in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon they are based on Greek-RomanThe mythology of God’s namesake of every planet, in the power of Prétear is rooted in a related element with who Himeno transforms with, and so on.Although we can guess that it is the same here, there is a big difference between the assumption, and observing how it takes place, so when the meme uses too much divination in the residual Udon broth, it cannot sufficiently strengthen the cure yum-yum attacks.And this means that YUMUM must be creative.

To be honest, if any of the four cure would be in this position, the Yum-yum will probably be the best success.Wounds are generally a creative person, and as the oldest siblings, which seems to spend a lot of time taking care of his younger brother and sister, undoubtedly has experience in solving problems.She is also quite empathic – of course it can be bold, but in her personality there is warmth, which is sometimes masked by her amazing enthusiasm, and these two features combine particularly well this week to allow her to work in half (and maybe even a quarter) Power during the battle.

Another important element of building the world we receive is the fact that recipi is more than just giving taste and durability of food.When all pasta recipi begins to cry, it affects the dishes with pasta they represent, making them all sink.This opens some interesting ideas on how food functions in the world of the series.If the recipi has a fever, are the dishes too hot?Does food poisoning occur when they get sick?All this would certainly explain why fairies such as Kome Kome, meme meme and pam pam exist;Maintaining healthy and happy reciples is the basis of the whole world of food.Although all this could be explained earlier and maybe it should be, it is still cool information and it really helps to consolidate the whole series.

It seems that Amane is the star of the next episode, and taking into account that the last two weeks have focused on gaining more basic information about history, it will be interesting to see if we will learn more about how she came to spend time asGentl – and if the narcistor is to be redeemed.There is no guarantee that any of these things will be discussed, but it would have a narrative sense in the way the series develops.


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