Delicious Party Precure – Episode 33

It seems to me that the lesson from the Delicious Party Pretty Cure episode this week is not heard very often: there is nothing wrong with someone not to forgive someone.So much emphasis is placed on being nice and forgiving (especially if you are socialized as a woman) that things can go too far, to such an extent that the inability to wave your hand on something that hurt us is perceived as a failure – orpublicly or in our own minds.And although it is not great to be angry all the time, it is also good to have feelings of anger that you can not get rid of.It’s human.

For Aman, this anger is equally directed at the narcistor and at it. Although we still don’t know why and how she was transferred to the dark side, we know that this is a constant source of shame for her, something that she has no right to forget. We see it in the way he stays a bit away from the rest of the group and really floats on the surface when you mention the narcistor. It makes sense – he managed to turn her feelings into the shape of a gentle. But more surprising is the way he can’t get mad at him. When he dreams of hitting him in his happy face, he also dreams of another me, one who grabs her by the wrist and makes her stop before he hits him. The latter me is the part of her, who thinks that it may be her fault, that he dragged her to the Bundor gang, her part, which blames her that she was susceptible to his predators. Basically, Amana blames himself for her deeds and the desire to do something with these feelings of anger, and this is not right.

The whole situation is complicated by the fact that narcistor clearly has its own problems, which also made him susceptible to Bundor. We still don’t know much about it, but what we managed to see in a flashback from the previous episode supported Mari this week when he tells the girls that narcistor is based on rehabilitation due to food problems. He just doesn’t like food or meals, and although it is amazing for Yui, there is a clear possibility that Amane understands where he comes from. Since she joined Cures, she began to like to be near food, but the speed at which she sucks Parfait, before her brothers even started eating, suggests that she may also have problems with it. And although I do not expect this program to go into the dark side of nutrition – eating disorders – I think that narcistor problems open the door to conversations that food is not generally trouble -free. His inability to eat very hot food and fussy can become a metaphor for food allergies or intolerance, both things that tend to sweep under a carpet or explicit disrespect for many people; I can’t say how many times people completely ignored the fact that my mother was allergic to strawberries because they thought she was simply “dramatic”.

When Mari tells Amane that it is not bad when she is angry with a narcistor, and even to herself to some extent, she gives her permission not to be the perfect person, but true.It’s okay that he won’t forgive.Dark feelings are fine.None of this means that you have to wear a devil or angel costume, that you can’t be a superhero or you are generally a bad man.It is important to apologize when you do something bad, and Parfait Recipeppi will be happy to accept Amane as it is when he does it: as a person who has flaws, like everyone else.This is something that many people have to hear and I’m glad that this episode gave him voice.

This week, many other things are happening, such as the failure of the possessed Ubau-Zo cake slicer, or Amane’s brothers have ever finished these parfites, or why the talismans on a panda costume have wounds.But the most important thing is Amane’s story and I hope that she will help her find peace.


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