Devils versus Biesy versus hybrids in a man with a mechanical saw (explanation)

The world of man with Fujimoto chain saw is full of various creatures next to ordinary, old -fashioned people.These creatures are divided into three groups – devils, devils and hybrids.All these three types of creatures are in one way or another related to devils, but there is a difference between them, usually significant, which inspired this article.In it we will tell you everything about the differences between devils, devils and hybrids in the world of Chainsaw Man.

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What are devils in a chain saw man?

Devils are the race of supernatural creatures that appear all over the world.Devils are born in hell, and each of them is born with a name that correlates with something that exists and is afraid;They manifest in accordance with collective consciousness that surrounds their names.The devils that die in hell appear again in the human world and vice versa, the devils that die in the human world appear again in hell, effectively making them immortal.

However, they don’t remember anything from their previous life.According to Angel Devil, he and other devils from Special Division 4 remember the sound of a roaring chainsaw devil engine before he died in hell.The main source of food for the devils is the blood of people and other devils, and the series has repeatedly replied that the devils become much stronger by consuming blood, especially the blood of another devil.

Of course, most of them are extremely hostile to both people and devils, but some are relatively friendly and feed on alternative means;Like Lisi’s devil, who feeds on the parts of his user through his contract.A variant of normal devils are primary devils and these are those that have names that personify fears that naturally occur in the human psyche.

It has been shown that they are extremely powerful and terrifying devils and bies, including those that were not aware of their existence before.The devils are known for having supernatural abilities that are closely related to their names, and the greater the fear is associated with their name, the more powerful the devil becomes.Each such skill is completely unique to a given devil.The use of these abilities seems to take some blood, weakening them.

Every devil is able to consume the blood of other beings, which serves other purposes.They do it mainly to heal their wounds, but when the devil eats the body or blood of another devil, it makes them much more powerful, and even gives them the ability of the devil they ate.But there is a hook in this;Namely, this effect is visible only when the eaten devil was still alive at that time.This was proven when Denji did not become more powerful or gained the ability to devil control after consuming the whole body of Makmy.

Reincarnation is also one of the abilities that have absolutely all devils.Namely, when the devil dies, he reincarnates in hell, and if he dies in hell, he reincarnates in the world of the living.This makes them practically immortal, but there is a hook: every time they come back to life, their memories and personalities are reset and are not aware of their former identity.Devils may conclude contracts with people, allowing them to borrow part of their power in exchange for dedication.However, Biesy cannot conclude contracts.

Famous devils are: angel-diabeĊ‚, chicken, claw, cockroach, devil’s curse, devil’s doll, eternal devil, fish devil, bat devil, typhoon devil, Lisi Devil, Future Devil, Ghost Devil, Grape Devil, Gun Devil, Hell Devil, Hell Devil, Hell Devil,Justice Devil, Knife Devil, Leech Devil, Mantis Devil, Control Devil, Mold Devil, Marshmallow Devil, Muscle Devil, Needle Devil, Octopus Devil, Pig Devil, chain saw Devil, Bloody Devil, Diabele, hellDevil’s skin, snake devil, stone devil, tomato devil, war devil, zombie devil, huge devil

What are the bies in man with a chain saw?

Devils are devils that kidnapped man over the corpse of man as the last resort to survival.The devils lose a significant part of their supernatural powers and the ability to conclude contracts after becoming a devil.They can be properly identified because their heads have different shapes, such as Power’s horns, beam shark head or pingtsi hair.

The devils have the personality of devils that took over their corpse, but some devils retain more the original body than others, which leads to the mixing of their personality.The only known case is the devil of violence, which should be prone to violence, but prefers peace.The devils have supernatural abilities of their devils, but to a lesser extent and some of them may temporarily transform into their original forms of the devil.They can also restore their health by consuming blood, but they also cannot conclude contracts with devils or people.They are interesting, but they seem to be the least powerful of the three groups that we analyzed and presented in this article.

Known monsters are: Aki Hayakawa, ASA Mitaka, Beam, Cosmo, Galgali, Long, Pingtsi, Power, Tsugihagi

What are hybrids in Chainsaw Man?

Hybrids (real name unknown) are people who have the ability to take on the character of the devil and it is very rare that man can connect with the devil.What’s more, the only known method of becoming a hybrid is the conclusion of a contract.Hybrids have human appearance and awareness, but they can transform into hybrids of people with the devil and manifest the supernatural abilities of their combined devils;They are indistinguishable from normal people, unlike the Bies, unless they transform into devils.

The official name of the hybrid has been erased by the devil of the mechanical saw, but hybrids still exist, even though they were erased for unknown reasons.Hybrids usually remain in human form when they are not transformed, but they can also return to their devilish form in special conditions, as you can see, when Denji fully transforms into a mechanical hell, although the condition that this happens to happen is still unclear.

The main skill of the hybrid is the transformation into their appropriate forms of the devil combined with their human form, and certain actions act as liberators of hybrid transformation, with each action usually refers to the part of the devil with which man is connected (e.g. the devil transforms, pulling, pulling behindThe tail is captured like a chain -like starter cable, Reze pulls a pin from the neck like a pomegranate pin, etc.).

Their strength, speed and endurance grow dramatically after the transformation, and also gain the appropriate abilities of the devil, in addition, their transformation usually affects their heads and arms, but skillful hybrids can also turn their legs into weapons.They are able to restore their health by eating blood, like devils and bies, but their regenerative abilities are almost unlimited and can liven up if there is the right amount of blood to eat, even if they have cut off their heads or hearts removed from their bodies.

If there is not enough blood, the transformation will stop on the road, even if they try to transform again, the armament will not appear, even if you perform specific activities, or only the injuries will be regenerated and return to the human form.After transformation or disassembly, the changed parts melt like mud.Like normal people, unlike the devils, hybrids can conclude contracts with devils, because it was shown that despite the contract with Pocita, the devil may also conclude contracts with a bloody devil.It is not known, however, whether it was actually a contract or only an oral contract between friends, because power was a devil.

Known hybrids are: the bomb devil, the devil of the mechanical saw, the devil tempted, the devil of the katana, the devil of the long sword, the devil with the flamethrower, the spear devil, the whip of the whip.

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