Diablo 4 again with a victim of a huge leak with a lot of gameplay

Once again, Diablo 4 is again the victim of several large leaks with a lot of gameplay illustrating various final content.

Diablo 4 appears earlier than expected.Once again, the long -awaited Blizzard game fell victim to numerous leaks provided by a few lucky people who can play it in advance.As a result, there is several hours of fresh gameplay on the web.

A few hours of gameplay in Diablo 4 leaked

No easy screenshot or a movie cutscene was stolen.Few lucky ones are currently taking part in a closed beta Diablo 4 and as every time someone can put their hands on it, playing with an open world sees a lot of film material.leak.This time, so all and unwashed fragments of the game have been broadcast on the web.If you want to watch these video hours,

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, before the ax falls.

The emphasis is primarily on the content of the final game, which promises to be discouraging.Stolen films actually show different modes that will be available after the main Diablo 4 campaign, namely:


: very demanding level of difficulty with special modifiers by finding nightmare emblems;

Hell waves

: regional events giving access to an unexpected challenge in the open world;

whispers of the dead

: challenges to be made to get bonuses from a whisper tree;

Fields of hatred

: PVP content in predefined areas;

Receipt of receipts

: Possibility to adjust the selected class at a high level.

We remind you that Diablo 4 will offer an open world where you can travel to various regions without a charging screen.The title is still expected for 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.