Did Madonna come out?This enigmatic film published on Tiktok Herring us

Madonna still amazes her fans every day.And Internet users are wondering if she just left …

Madonna has recently been discussed many times.Indeed, his completely different appearance and

younger face

than ever they are in the spotlight.On the other hand, this Sunday, October 9, Internet users remained


from a completely different case.And this is a completely unexpected film she published.However, pop star fans are more accustomed to his “fashion”!Indeed, Madonna always did what she enjoyed,


, what people will think about her.The singer has mastered art


.For over 40 years he has even become her hallmark!

The 64-year-old singer is

very active

in social networks.And his many fans are regularly


Madonna’s posts.For example, in April, she published a film enough


.Indeed, we saw how you are filmed, bringing the camera closer to the face.Several worried Internet users wondered if everything was going well for their idol.In addition, a few weeks earlier Madonna appeared


.In this other film it did not seem completely sober.She said: “Hi … it’s Madonna.Mother of Jesus.»

Is Madonna just


– Matt (@Mattxiv)

October 9, 2022

Madonna is coming out?


64 years old

, it seems that the singer has not changed her habits.Indeed, in an unexpected new film, she made herself

throwing panties

to the basket.The signature reads: “If I miss, I’m gay.»We see how the Pop music star performs this turn and misses it.Indeed, panties fall next to the basket.In the comments, Internet users do not know how to react.In particular, we can read: “Madonna’s exit is such a cult moment in modern history.»Another person says:”

I think just the worst came out of my life.

And it was Madonna’s life.»The canvas came on after this film.Someone else asks: “Have we all really saw

Madonna is coming out

Is it just me?»In any case, the secret remains, which may have been the singer’s goal …