Digimon World: Next Order on Switch, Steam 22 February

RPG debuted for the first time on PS Vita, PS4

Bandai Namco Entertainment America announced on Thursday that Digimon World: Next Order will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC (through Steam) in North America and Europe on February 22.

The company describes the game:

In Digimon World: Next Order, players will play the role of Digidestined as Shiki or Takuto and set off to look for a solution to the troublesome secret of Digi and the restoration of the digital world to his natural order after he got into a state of complete chaos because of the takeover of power by Machinedramon.As Digidestined, players will encounter a number of digimons and recruit them as companions to rebuild the digital world.During their journey, they will have to explore the digital world and strengthen their ties with Digimon’s companions to stop the Digimon infected with the virus from complete destruction.

Digimon World: Next Order can boast of an extensive list of over 200 digimons to collect and make friends, from which players can choose two to accompany them in their adventures as partners.Players can strengthen their digimons’ bonds, training, feeding and developing them to unlock their full potential, making them even stronger in the battle.During their adventures, Digidestines will also meet a colorful cast of the characters and will have the opportunity to develop and manage the city of Floatia, which serves as a base between their travels.

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Revelation: Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc.(Sunrise) is a minority shareholder of anime news Network Inc.on PS Vita, PS4