Discotek aim for the ace!, GaogaiGar Series and Final Ova licenses

Discotek Media also granted a license for the acting film Another horror, Sion Sono Sono Club Siono Club and Golgo Film 13 from 1973.All three films will appear on Blu-ray disc in the winter of 2023 in Japanese with English inscriptions.Discotek Media will also issue a series of Tokusatsu Kamen Rider Black on Blu-ray disc “Later” in 2023.In addition, the Project A-KO 4: Final will be released previously announced by the Discotek in the winter of 2023 in Japanese with English inscriptions at 1080p.

Aim at ASA!It will be released on Blu-ray disc at the beginning of 2023 and will contain all 26 episodes of anime in 1080p resolution in Japanese with English subtitles.Discotek will have accessories and other functions.

Aim at ASA!This is a classic adaptation of the Yamamoto Sumics manga with the same title by Osama.Anime is broadcast in 1973-1974 and focuses on a tennis novice, who joins the school tennis team, headed by a new coach, who requires an intensive new training regime, which pushes even the best players in the team.

The King of Braves: Gaogaigar debuted in 1997 and gave birth to the sequel King of Braves Gaogaigar Final Ova, who in turn inspired the television anime Brave King Gaogaigar Final Grand Glorious Gathering, which again tells the story of Ova with an alternative ending.Anime is part of the Brave Saga Sunrise series.Media Blasters released a series in North America on DVD in 2006-2007.

Earlier licensed by Discotek Media and Digimon Adventure with English Dub, released on Blu-ray DISC on December 27 this year.

Discotek previously published Sonic X on the SD Blu-ray Disc with English Dub in 2019.

Ultimate Muscle is an adaptation of Yudetamago Manga Kinnikman.Anime premiered in 2002.4KIDS Entertainment emitted anime in the Fox Box in 2002, and Funiation released them on DVD and VHS in 2004.

Saint Tail is an adaptation of anime from 1995 Mangumi Tachikawa manga.Tokyopop originally released anime on DVD and VHS in 2001-2002, but did not release the whole series.

The 20-episode anime premiered in Japan in 2000.Adv Films released them in the north of America on five DVD discs released in 2005-2006.Discotek released the entire DVD series in March 2014 with English Dub and the original Japanese sound.

The Fist of the North Star: Legend of the True films Savior-Lend of Roah is a film about the manga of the fist of the Northern Star about the Saint Emperor, who was released in 2007-2008.

Mononoke anime premiered in 2007 and was broadcast by 12 episodes.The series is the spinoff anime ayakashi-samurai horror tales.In particular, he follows the seller of the “Bakeneko” arch (Goblin Cat).Mononoke anime has five arches, the last of which is entitled “Bakeneko”.

Anime was previously broadcast on Crunchyroll, but it is currently available on other streaming websites, such as The Year Channel.The New Video Group released a DVD series in North America in 2014.Anime will have a new anime film in 2023.

Tetsujin 28 FX is a continuation of Tetsujin 28/Gigantor from 1963 anime.Anime was broadcast from 1992 to 1993.

Discotek had previously released the remake of the anime Shin Tetsujin 28 from 1980, remake of the anime Tetsujin 28 from 2004 and the film Anime Tetsujin 28: Morning Moon of Midday from 2007.

Treasure Island is a classic anime series of defect from 1978 based on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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