Disney Plus will not be SimulCast Bleach Tibw in Latin America and most European countries

Posted on October 11, 2022

After a decade of absence, the Anime Bleach series returned to the small screen with the first episode of “Th really Year Blood War Arc”, which will be released on October 10.To publish an episode.

Disney Plus has the rights to streaming “Thrisand Year Blood War” for international fans;However, only 5 countries (Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada) have received the first episode so far.It seems that Disney Plus will not simulate (will publish the episode of the same day as the premiere in Japan) of the last Bleach arch for most countries in Europe and Latin America.

Earlier, Disney Plus also obtained exclusive rights to stream transmission for anime Summer Time Rendering, whose episodes were delayed for weeks and months from the official Japanese premiere.Many regions had a different date of rendering of summer time.It seems that Bleach’s last arch is heading in the same direction, and each region or country has a different date of premiere of the episodes.

Some fans from Latin America contacted the Disney Plus account on Twitter to discuss the issue.Disney Plus replied that this time he did not include the bleach in the Latin American region.Dinsey Plus has not yet responded to Bleach fans from Europe.

The first episode of the Bleach Tybw arch was revealed/released 1 day before (even before the official Japanese premiere) and found several illegal streaming services.If Bleach’s situation in Europe and Latin America remain the same, the fans will be forced to use not very legal means to watch new episodes.

Why does Disney+ delay the episodes?

According to the speculation of some fans, Disney is late with adding episodes in different languages, which may be the reason for delays of new Bleach episodes.

We received the official confirmation of the Bleach streaming platform a week before the official premiere.Disney could settle matters from Crunchyroll regarding the removal of previous sections of Bleach of Crunchyroll and finalize the contract.Let’s hope that fans will receive official confirmation from Disney Plus, explaining doubts about the current situation.

Fans want to support the creators of the series by watching the series officially, but if the situation persists, there is no other way than reaching for not very official sources.What do you think about the current Disney Plus situation?Share your opinion with us in the comments section.