Disney+ will broadcast anime Tatami Time Machine Blues in the USA, date of disclosure

Disney+ on its official Media and Distribution website was announced on October 18, 2022. A list of new titles that will join the platform in the US regions in November 2022, and among them was

Tatami Time Machine Blues


Tatami Time Machine Blues

will be released on the streaming platform on November 9, 2022.

Anime also went to the Disney+ Hotstar platform in India on September 14, 2022.

Anime lasted 6 episodes, with the 5th and 6th episode released simultaneously on the same day, October 12, 2022. The sixth episode will be the original anime and will be broadcast only in Disney+.

The cast includes:

Shintarō Asanuma: “I” Chykar Honda: Tamura-Kkukuhiroyuki Yoshino: Ozujunichi Suwabe: Jōgasakiazuya naka i: Higuchimaaya Sakamoto: Akashistsuji Satoh: Aijima Senpayuko Kaeda: Hanuki

Singo Natsume (One-Punch Man, Space Dandy, Sonny Boy) directs the anime in science Saru, and Makoto Ueda returns as a screenwriter from the Galaxy Tatami.Yūsuke Nakamura also returns as a character designer.

The novel Tatami Time Machine Blues, continuation of the Tatami galaxy, was published by Kadokawa in July 2020 as a result of cooperation between

Tatami galaxy

Morimi.> novel and

Summertime Machine Blues

Makoto Uedy.It is a story about characters from the galaxy tatami moving there and returning in the world

Summertime Machine Blues


Disney+ describes the anime story as:

Is August 12.After the pilot to the only air conditioning in his guest house is accidentally destroyed by a spilled Cola, “I” devises the plan to return to yesterday’s time machine to recover the remote control before it breaks.However, his friend’s joke can not resist playing with past events, even if it means bringing the universe to the brink of destruction.Now “I” races in time to avoid a disaster.