Do Denji and Aki become friends in a man with a mechanical saw?Explanation of their relationship!

The interpersonal relationships of Chainsaw Man are quite intriguing, especially since they are quite important for the story itself, which is not always the case with such manga and anime.According to what we just said, in this article we will focus on interpersonal relationships between the two characters of Chainsaw Man, which are Denji, the main character, and Aki Hayakawa, his colleague and one of the main supporting the series.In this article you will find out if they both became friends in the series or not.

Denji and Aki Hayakawa begin as enemies, because Aki did not like Denji for several reasons.But because they were both forced by Makima to work, and even apartments together, they met better and became close friends with time.In the end, Aki took care of Denji’s good and considered him a real friend, which is also true from Denji’s point of view.

The rest of this article will be divided into three sections.The first two sections will examine the personalities of the heroes, because they are an important element in understanding their relationship and how it actually works;You must know the character’s psychology to properly analyze her relationships with the world and other people.The last section contains detailed information on the relationship between Denji and Aki, as well as how it evolved during the manga.

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What person is Denji?

Denji is a hero of a man with a mechanical saw and a very intriguing figure from a psychological point of view.Although it is not completely unique, it has a very rare personality type, and history has really put a lot of effort to properly explain Denji and his behavior.In this section we will also analyze his personality for you.

Denji is a very simple character.As someone who had no education and lived most of his life like a wild animal, there is really no manners or sensitivity to properly perceive the world as it is.She is naive, easily trusts people, and because of his own poverty he will do various shit things just to get some money.This is evidenced at the beginning of the manga, where we see how he works as an illegal demons hunter, but also swallows burning cigar for some money.

And although his personality changed after he became a man of mechanical saw, Denji finally returned to his former self, a person who relies on others and cannot live alone;Maybe physically, but he will die because there is absolutely no money.Therefore, the change of his personality after he became a man of a mechanical saw was only temporary.

He is a modest person in his needs.As someone who has lived like a tramp throughout his life, he realizes that he does not need much and although he realizes that he could ask for much more, he rarely does it;In fact, never.He wants some jam, a place to sleep and a girl, with the latter – of course – is free.His appetite increased briefly in Part 1, but, as we said, his needs returned to the previous state in Part 2.

He is also a very bold man.Because he was never taught any manners, nor did he learn to make friends with other people, Denji is very direct and sometimes naughty in conversations with other people, without even taking care of whether he would come out offensive or not.Namely, there is simply neither psychological nor social barriers to say euphemism or something similar – he simply says what he means and does not care about the consequences, because he is not aware that he should.His personality is quite simple and very childish, although he is not a bad person and can empathize with others with great precision, which is surprising to someone who does not have basic social skills.

Although it may seem so from time to time, Denji is not a stupid person.In fact, it is quite intelligent and can come up with very intelligent and witty solutions of certain problems.Now he is not educated – and it can be seen in many ways – and he is certainly not a genius, but he is much smarter than it looks.

Ultimately, Denji is a living contradiction.Most of the time it looks and behaves like an animal, but ultimately he is a very damaged and lonely person.He desperately wants attention from everyone, so he is absolutely ready to do everything to keep someone with him, even if it means sacrificing all his personality for him, as was the case with Makmy.That is why he worked for Yakuza.And that’s why Denji is so intriguing – on the one hand he is a beast and a man of a mechanical saw, and on the other he is a very delicate and wounded soul who simply wants him to look after him and take care of him.Because this is something he never had.

What kind of person is Aki?

Aki is a character whose personality is not so unique in the world of anime.Externally, it is a cold and emotion -free stoic, but inside it is very delicate and nice;It just doesn’t show it that often.In this respect, he has some similarities to Denji, but they differ in several very important aspects.

Aki Hayakawa is a professional devil hunter.He is a very serious, responsible and reliable person who treats his work very seriously, which is why he often gets mad at Denji and Power, who treat their extremely important and dangerous work as a game.He has two reasons for this behavior.First of all, Aki is aware of the dangers that the devils are for people, which is why he is desperate to do his job well.It is also one of the reasons why it is so ruthless and cruel to these devils.

The second reason why Aki takes his work so seriously that he treats her personally.Namely, his family was killed by Gun Devil, so he wants to take revenge on her;That is why he is so determined to get rid of the world of devils, and also make them suffer when he kills them.He believes that they deserve it and this attitude is reflected in his attitude towards them;However, this changes over time when he approaches Denji, Power, as well as his colleague, angel of the devil.

But although Aki seems to be very cold and emotional person, he is actually very soft inside.He cares about his colleagues and does not become indifferent to the suffering of his colleagues;He is still crying over the losses he faces, which is witnessed by Himeno’s death.He is also approaching Denji and Power, as we have already said, so much that he wants to quit his work and give up revenge when he sees the future in which Denji and Power die with a terrible death, and this is something he wants to avoid.

Do Denji and Aki become friends?Let’s explain their relationship!

Ultimately, the relationship between Denji and Aki is both complicated and intriguing.At the beginning we all know how it started.Denji was assigned to the AKI unit, and he took him and struck him nonsense to force him to leave his strength.He despised Denji because he was a hybrid because he wanted to become a boy of Makmy and because he had such a carefree attitude towards their work and mission.Despite this, Denji is not intimidated, and the “Nut Devil” incident is still one of the most memorable moments in history.

But because they were both forced to work together and even live together at some point, they met better and first developed a sense of mutual respect, and then – friendship.Aki cared for Denji and Power, especially since he was in a situation where he had to take care of them literally and make sure that they were fine.That’s why he wanted to give up – in order not to hurt them.

Denji also respected Aki with time and actually became real friends.They were colleagues and allies, so the fact that Aki became a weapon sorcerer at some point was really painful, because these two should never have become enemies, especially in the way Aki became what he wanted to annihilate …

The story of Denji and Aki is intriguing.At the beginning, the antagonists became very close friends and colleagues, and Aki deeply cared for Denji and his well -being, as well as Vice Versa.They had intriguing dynamics because they had a completely different approach to certain things, but eventually they cared for each other and were very good friends, and their relationship was one of the most beautiful and interesting in the series.

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