Do it yourself!!-episodes 1-3

Well, I can probably discuss a little more details.Do it yourself!!He debuts as a comfortable, full of Iyashikei club anime about girls spending time in the tools.Think of a calm camp, but with more electric drills.At first glance, power tools and relaxation may not seem to seem to be ideal partners, but DIY only needs one episode to calm your fears and sleep in a pleasant, hand -made state of peace.In fact, in the anime season, extremely filled with heavy cinema hits, DIY easily exceeds its own modest weight thanks to the excellent performance and a certain capture of the mildest moods.If Chainsaw Man turns you on Tuesdays, DIY is here to calm you on Wednesdays.At least that’s how I do it!

Anime is a pleasure to watch thanks to your specific projects and loosely loosely philosophy of animation.Character designs in particular exude precise simplicity, which contradicts a specialist touch needed to work so well.Small details, such as the unpaid oral cavity of Sherfu and an eternally bandaged face, add its character in the same way as the playful performance of Konomi Inagaki.In the meantime, animators fully use simplified projects with a range of exaggerated facial words and body language adapted to the personality of each character.Sherufu seems to sway in the wind, while tense Miku walks more carefully – when her meditation is not hilarious cut by the grinding of an autonomous bus.

However, there is one place where DIY does not play, and it is a mechanical animation.If the anime Iyashikei is not your speed, you can still want to check it to see one of the most charmingly animated simple machines I’ve ever seen.No wonder that the series has a designated DIY consultant, Swaro, who helps to design and supervise girls’ designs.This wonderful mosaic sign that Takumi put in the second episode?She designed it

Up to the pebble

.Like the care of the Laid-Back Camp for trifles related to being in the open air, DIY investments in these details help to instill a sense of authenticity, which raises the ambitions of the series to inspiring and educational highlands.I would not be surprised if in the coming months there was an increase in the patronage of hobby stores.

The story series follows the expected bits of the genre.If there is one thing that these showy club anime love, then gathering a few strange girls to save the club from the solution due to a lack of interest.DIY even laughs at how this configuration is well -worn, which is why I trust it with this phrase.If something is not broken, do not fix it;And if it’s broken, take a hammer and a few nails.The characters also match quite wide and known archetypes.It would be tempting to slander the series as “safe”, were it not for the whole personality injected by its creators.Like the handicrafts presented in the anime, DIY has a unique warmth of the work of love.

DIY is also not deprived of depth. Under his bright and champagne surface there are many tasty and accurate motifs. Generally speaking, writing records its diy ethos both in accordance with progressive technology and in opposition to it. This is the main conflict between Serufu and Miku, but it stretches and Zagłębie also at almost any other level. I love a surreal, almost political, worthy cartoon view of the huge, fancy vocational school of Mik, which overshadows, surrounds and practically swallows a modest school of Sherfo. For many people, this is the final end of technology – overtaking and usurping older, more primitive ways to do things. So far, DIY claims that this is contrary to the fundamental aspect of our nature. Regardless of how far the technology goes, there is something in our brains that misses touch and what finds pleasure at work that makes sense. There is also something to say about how progress in artificial intelligence art has mostly enlivened human recognition for human touch. When Sherufu imagines a world in which she will never have to work or want anything, do you think she is satisfied with this photo? Or maybe even a space cadet like she has a tangible longing that turns around her brain?

I would like to praise the hard work of director Kazuhiro Yonedy and his team in Pine Jam once again for instilling so much joy and coziness in do it yourself !!. You would never know that they are the same people who worked on Gleipnir, except that both series are excellent (in any case in my humble opinion). However, I would like to take a moment to emphasize another name in the final subtitles: Imago. They are attributed to the creation of a “original work”, although there is no manga or a light novel on which this story is based, and Imago has nothing else assigned to their name. However, it is interesting when I think about the playfully loose philosophy of animation and interest in the influence of technology on people and society, the name: Mitsuo ISO comes to my mind. And in his groundbreaking Dennou Coil series, the term “Imago” is particularly important. So I am not saying that ISO definitely contributed to DIY to look and feel so special. I’m just saying it’s very interesting.

Do it yourself!!And his almost devastating approval of grease value into the elbows got into my heart.Regardless of whether you love Sakuga with power tools or just like a nap, it’s absolutely worth checking.In a few months I do not know if I will be able to summarize these reviews without sharing a photo of the shelf, which I would feel forced to fold.We deal with this anime and it rules.


Do it yourself!!He is currently broadcasting to Crunchyroll.

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