Do it yourself!!Episode 2: Skis and Tiles

Sherufu’s journey to the world of DIY began.Let’s see who else joined her.

We joined Sherufu, waking up not too nightmare, but her biggest worry is the growing distance between her and Jigglypuff, because she did not build a good enough bench or something.At the bus stop she told Jiggles about joining the DIY club.Her favorite part was the puzzle of her name, who arranged a joke several times in this episode.Jiglypuff, however, believed that it is suitable for someone with low ambitions, such as Sherufu, unlike it, which was aimed at causing the fourth industrial revolution in which the technology was so advanced that people would never have to nod again with their finger.Viewers who saw Wall-E have an idea of what the future may look like, just say that I am not on the Jigglypuff side.

Good things again.Next time we will meet the fourth club member soon.