Do you love a relaxed camp?Try these anime about our beautiful world

Do you love a relaxed camp?Try these anime about our beautiful world

by Dennison’s penalty on October 22, 2022.

Fans around the world fell in love with the Laid-Back Camp camp and it is not difficult to understand why.This sweet series is as easy as its title suggests.Not only that, it reminds us of stopping and enjoying the beauty of the world around us.We are looking forward to the third season of the adventures of Rin and Nadeshiko.In the meantime, we found more anime of a similar character.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about meeting other people, other places or about themselves, the heroes of these anime devote time to learning about the world around them.Best of all, each of these choices is really nice!

A place further than the universe

A contemporary relaxed camp, a place further than the universe similar spirit to show siblings.But instead of going to the charming local campsites, these girls travel to Antarctica.Why?Well, it depends which one you ask and when.One is looking for her mother, a scientist who was missing at the South Pole.Another one is for her acting career.Others … they still think about it.

Regardless of their reasons, their journey to Antarctica shows them more than they expected.They make friendships, agree with the loss and learn more about themselves.They also see penguins!

Kino’s Journey

The world of Kino’s Journey may not be the world of Laid-Back Camp, but both of these elements have a lot in common.And the cinema is determined to see it all.Our title hero, together with a talking motorcycle Hermes, travels between countries in a picturesque world.Their purpose?Observe.Cinema and Hermes remain in a given country only for three days, and then move on.Each country has its advantages and disadvantages and its own problems.Observing them, a traveler like a cinema can learn more about life.

In fact, there are two series of anime based on the light novel of Keiichi Sigsawa (author of Gun Gale Online).The 2003 version is now a bit more difficult to find, but it is worth sacrificing each of them.Both have the same, easy history and include similar adventures.Regardless of what you choose, a surprise awaits you.

My neighbor Totoro

Long before the camp at ease, my neighbor Totoro took children to the bosom of nature.This classic Studio Ghibli was partly inspired by the beautiful forests of Tokorozawa, which threatened to destroy.Quite beautiful, the desire to preserve the “Totoro forest” led to crowdfunding campaigns and nature reserves that just did.

Like the fans of the film, the heroes of Satsuki and Mei grow up to learn about forests and love them.Saitama.No wonder, between the legendary great art of Studio Ghibli and the kindness of forest ghosts.Miyazaki’s intention was to present viewers of nature to viewers, and years later my neighbor Totoro still does it.

Do you need to move even more away from all this?Check the new anime isekai this season.

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