Doctor Who: The first paintings of David Tennant back in the cult series

David Tennant, an emblematic translator of the 10th doctor in Doctor Who, once again returns in the series.And that’s good!

David Tennant

he came back.To play you a new trick?No, in a symbolic role

tenth doctor

In the iconic British soap opera, which made him famous, Doctor Who.We told you about it a few months ago and this is not a rumor anymore.

David Tennant will make a good return in future episodes of Doctor Who.

The first and very short trailer has just appeared …

5 seconds of David Tennant in the Doctor Convers, you can’t refuse.

Be careful, little ones



feverish chase, angry explosions, screams

Donny Noble


Catherine Tate

also came back), the doctor’s amazement and

Neil Patrick Harris

in a bad guy …

This first trailer of three special stages, which will appear in November 2023, despite the short duration is extremely popular

.David Tennant will therefore play the role of a doctor again to ensure the transition between the 13th doctor

Jodie Whittaker

and the next interpreter of the title role,

Nuti gatva

who will play 14. Doctor.The latter will be another “official” doctor from 2024.

Come to the doctor

David Tennant is undoubtedly the best translator of the doctor.

Invite every avid fan to Doctor WHO … he will only have this answer in his mouth.Reason ?

The British actor was able to breathe unprecedented humanity into a cult figure.

Thanks to the flexible game, suddenly passing from humor to sadness, from seriousness, David Tennant transformed the doctor into

Light sad clown

.We are looking forward to finding a veteran in the series before it gives way to the young Wolf NcuTi Gatva.

See you in November 2023 for early Christmas with David Tennant.