“Doctors don’t really know what it is”: Daughter of Manon Marsault, Angelina, went to the hospital

Manon Marsault undergoes a difficult period.While a young woman struggles with divorce rumors, she also struggles with her daughter’s health problems.Two -year -old Angelina had to be hospitalized over the weekend.Very worried Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault wanted to get a medical opinion.On this Sunday, October 16, the Reality TV candidate provided a disturbing photo on her Snapchat account.His subscribers could discover

A little girl lying on a hospital bed with a bandaged hand to protect her drip.

“Hi everyone, tiny news from my bubu.She was hospitalized and had a drip, but she was a big girl, “said the first young mother.Then Manon Marsault explained: ”

Doctors don’t really know what it is.

We did blood tests two days ago (we were already at the emergency room two days ago) and these are not viruses we think about it, because in Dubai there are new viruses and viruses that cause vomiting, but that’s not it.»Despite his not very calming words, little Angelina seemed better at the end of the evening.

Manon Marsault: “She will be able to eat”


Seeing the improvement of her baby’s health, mother of Tiago and Angelina could breathe a little.”It can just be

Old good gastro or food poisoning

… We don’t know not, “she added before she summed up:” The most important thing is that she hydrates.Because she got an anti -emitting agent for IV, she will be able to eat.At least three days have passed since she recently kept food, so I’m glad that the food is coming, she will be able to enjoy it!”This Monday, October 17, comrade

Julien Tanti

He gave his news.Her charming daughter could leave the hospital and rest at home.”It is much better,” she assured.