Does Ichigo become a captain in Bleach?

Ichigo Kurosaki is a hero of Bleach.For the first time he was presented in the first chapter of the manga and since then we saw how he evolved from a high school student to father, with many adventures between these two points.Over the years, Ichigo became stronger with every new arch, eventually it turned out to be a unique amalgam Shinigami, Hollowa, Quincy and man.He is undeniably one of the most powerful Shinigami in the series, but has he ever become the captain of Gotei 13?We will answer this in this article.

Ichigo Kurosaki has never become the captain of Gotei 13. This is because he is still a living man and therefore cannot qualify for the position of a captain who is reserved only for souls living in Soul Society.That is why he is and was a substitute shinigami in the whole story.However, after his death he could qualify for the position of captain because of his huge powers.

The rest of this article will provide you with everything you need to know about Ichigo’s career as shinigami, as well as some details about the captain’s position in the Gotei 13 structure. This is a very intriguing topic and we hope that we will present you all the details that you would like to know, though not withoutspoilers that will be somewhat present in the entire article.

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Does Ichigo become a captain in Bleach?

When we meet Ichigo for the first time, he is an ordinary man who sees ghosts.He did not know what to do with this power, but he was able to do it and this power also allowed him to see Shinigami;That’s how he saw Rukia when she entered his room in search of Hollow.Later he took over part of Rukia’s power and became Shinigami himself.This was later formalized when he became the official deputy shinigami.During this story, Ichigo fought and defeated lieutenants and captains, as well as other powerful opponents and certainly gained the right to become the captain of Gotea 13, but did he do it?

Actually not.Ichigo Kurosaki has never become the captain of Gotei 13. This is because he is still alive and is human.Namely, Gotei 13 are souls, shinigami are souls, and because Ichigo is still alive, he cannot become the captain of Gotei 13. When he dies, because of his great power, he will probably be able to become him, but for now – Ichigo can only be a substitute shinigami.

This is evidenced by the echo of the Echo of Hell, in which we see what is happening from Ichigo in 2015.Three hours before Consō Reisai Ukitake, Renji contacts Ichigo through the video call and tells him about the ceremony he considers unethical, after which he is invited to participate in Shunsui and Rukia, who joins Renji and admire new technology.When Ichigo reveals that Orihime is doing washing at home, instead of going to the Keigo ramen with him, he is surprised when Rukia assumes that it means the breakup of their marriage, which he denys angrily.

Ichigo meets again that night.With Renji and other lieutenants of the human world for the reibaku yogimen ceremony, during which he questions the need for their presence.Lieutenant of the 7th unit of ATAU Rindō and Lieutenant of the 8th Branch of Yayahara was presented at that time.The latter immediately asks Ichigo about a selfie to publish on social media, knowing that Ichigo is the hero of the Quincy Blood War, despite Ichigo’s confusion and protests.However, when Ichigo continues to talk to Renji, he does not realize that Jigoku No Gaki appears behind them, then attacked Renji and crushed him to the ground below.

After Ichigo cut Jigoku no Gaki into pieces.In one bombing, Ichigo intervenes in the confrontation of Renji of Shayelaporro Granz after he leaves hell to free Renji and confront Shayelaporro himself., where he discovered that the real goal of Consō Reisai is to send dead captains to hell, leaving Ichigo terrified.When Ukitake pierces Shayelaporro back to hell, Ichigo wonders why Jigokuchō has the word “hell” in his names.

How can you become the captain of Gotei 13?

The captain (in Japanese: 隊長, Taichō) is the head of one of the thirteen Gotei Division 13. Each of these divisions seems to contain between 200 to 500 soldiers.The captains are the most respected Shinigami in the entire Soul Society, because they are the only ones who are able to fully free their Zanpakutō by Bankai.

This makes them the most powerful shinigami, because they can increase their strength for ten, which is an overwhelming difference, thus creating the most important forces of the attack in Soul Society.In addition, the captains are usually quite expert in the use of Bankai, because they trained a lot with them, unless they were recently appointed.

Most captains also have extensive experience in other fighting disciplines, such as Kidō or Shunpo, and have a lot of knowledge about the history and organization of Seireitei, and also has a great sense of strategy.All these factors create a terrible difference in strength between the captains and the rest of the Shinigami under their care.

When the position becomes free, there are three different ways to become the captain of Gotei 13:

Captain’s skills test

(隊首, taishu): Wymaga pokazywanie swojego Bankai przed dwoma lub więcej kapitanami i samym dowódcą generalnym.

Personal recommendation

: You will be recommended for a position by at least six captains and approval by three others.


: Defeat the captain at least 200 witnesses from the same division.This method is the rarest of all, and from the current generation of captains only Kenpachi Zaraki became one in this way.

Before the events of the Soul Society saga, the position of thirteen captains was held by eleven men and two women.However, in the same thread, divisions captains 3, 5 and 9 betrayed Gotei 13 and became dangerous enemies, leaving empty positions.At the end of the missing agent, it can be seen that these items were planted by former captains Rōjūrō Otoribashi, Shinji Hirabo and Kenseia Muguruma.During the war of Quincy Blood War, positions of the 4th, 7th, 8th and 13th Division are released and later occupied, at the end of the saga, by previous lieutenants Isane Kotetsu, Tetsuzemon IBA, Lisa Yadōmaru and Rukia Kuchiki.

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