Don’t be afraid of these trailers of the upcoming Silent Hill games

Don’t get too scared of these trailers of the upcoming Silent Hill games

by Danika Davidson on October 20, 2022.

Horror Silent Hill began a series of games in 1999 and is still developing.The film with Silent Hill Transmission was placed on the internet to inform people about what is happening, and several trailers of upcoming projects were published.

If you want to see the entire Silent Hill Transmission movie, it’s less than fifty minutes.

At the beginning Silent Hill 2 will receive a remake.When it appears, you will be able to play PC or PlayStation 5, and PS5 will have an exclusive console for a year.Akira Yamaoka returned to composing, and Masahiro Ito, who previously designed monsters for Silent Hill, is working on this project as a concept graphic designer.

A completely new game called Silent Hill will also be created: city.It is produced by Annapurna Interactive and No Code and there is a short trailer for it.

Silent Hill: Ascension will be the next new game.It will be launched next year and is described as an interactive live stream transmission, which can be obtained online.Many companies are connected in this one: Genvid, Behavior Interactive, Bad Robot Games and DJ2 Entertainment.There is also a trailer of this.

The last upcoming game they are talking about is Silent Hill f. History will take place in the 1960s in Japan, and Ryukishi07 writes it, which has already scared people around the world Higurashi.The game was developed by Neobards Entertainment and produced by Motoi Okamoto.Thanks for the project of creating and character are due to Ker.

There will also be another Silent Hill movie with live actors.Director Christophe Gans said that “he would still be set in an atmosphere of a” little American town “, where Puritanism destroyed everything.”

Here is a longer film with interviews.

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