Don’t let Jitsuryokusha in Naritakute!Episode #02

Here is the Kagenou minor, in which he reincarnated in the fantasy world, although it seems that he did not cry naturally, considering that he came from the modern world.

In any case, he was named CID, where he is the second child of the Kagenou family.Wait, it’s the same name as his previous, almost as if Cid (or Kagenou) created his own world!

Unfortunately, for a small CIDA, he is not intended for managing his clan, because they have high expectations for his older sister Claire, who in the future will become a dark knight.I mean that he can break a large boulder with an avalanche of cuts.

But this is fine “because Cid Kagenou wants to do dirty things in the shade, like killing a bandit band for a thrill of emotions.Yes, now he has power!

Now, after killing a bandit band, it seems that CID has found something that seems to be a demonic abomination.

However, it turns out that an unlucky person was possessed by a demon and therefore cid tries to clean this monstrosity.

The result of its purification transformed this abomination into an elf.Unfortunately, he does not remember his past after she was possessed by a demon.

So Cid (or shadow, as he calls himself) called this nameless Elfa Alfa, where the reason for her possession is a wicked group called the cult of Diablos, in which they want to revive their master, finding the descendants of the heroes.

Of course, the history of the shadow about Diablos’s cult was made up because he wants Alpha to create a Black Ops group called Shadow Garden.It is nice to convince the elf to set up an organization.

The truth is that the cult of Diablos really exists, and considering that he reincarnated in fantasy in his own image, fantasies CIDA about power finally came true.

In any case, let’s get to the next scene in which Claire Kagenou and everyone in panic disappeared.

Fortunately, CID and Shadow Garden will take action to find Claire, but why should someone want to kidnap the heir to the Kagenou clan?

Well, some say that Claire Kagenou possessed a demon, but it turns out that a certain cid has already removed the demon from her body.That is why he is not afraid of kicking in the face by someone from the sect.

By the way, he is Viewa Olba (or Grease), where he can’t believe that they have wasted their time to kidnap a girl who is not possessed by demons.

Of course, the cult of Diablos should worry about the intruders to which Shadow Garden came to dismantle the cult and save Claire.

Oh yes, you noticed that the CID organization has gone out of having only alpha to group 7 or more people when they killed tons of sect members.

In any case, it seems that the vice -head of Olba has been decimated by Alfa, but he will not kill him until the Vice -ViceHrabia does not reveal his organization and the whereabouts of Claire.

However, Olba will not give up without a fight, because it will take several demonic pinks to strengthen.You know, desperation at the last minute!

In any case, the vice -head of Olba took a few tablets to become even stronger … Until Olba realizes that he is not able to beat the whole garden of shadows himself.

The viceHrabia created a hole and escaped.It is a pity, but on the other hand Lord Shadow will take care of Glub!

And here is their leader, when the shadow met Vice -Olba, although I have to say that Olba will be defeated in a few seconds.

This is because the shadow or cid are about the league higher than him in terms of strength and technology.Let us remember that in his previous life he learned different martial arts and defeated strong opponents.

In any case, the viceHrabia is defeated, but it seems that despite devoting himself to the cult of Diablos, Olba has a family in which it turns out that the cult took his daughter.

And the saddest part?Olba may not see his daughter anymore, because he died like a fool, performing a sect’s mission without any knowledge that they changed his daughter into a demon.

Of course, Lord Shadow will one day save Olba’s daughter.At the moment, the time has come for Cid Kagenou to save Claire before the meals come.

However, it seems that Claire Kagenou saved herself when she returned to the residence.As expected by the future dark knight, Claire is really persistent in overcoming various obstacles.

In addition, I must say that Claire is really bad, because despite the lonely escape from the cult of Diablos, she knows that her brother Cid is much more talented and powerful contrary to what everyone says.

As for CIDA, he only deals with his own matters.I mean, CID is not involved in saving his sister, although the truth is that he and his organization are responsible for saving Claire and the destruction of a small group belonging to the worship.

But that’s the end of it.The episode in which it looks like CID lives on a dream, although he should worry about the cult of Diablos, in which they are much more dangerous than he ever imagined.Unfortunately, for CIDA, Alfa and the rest they will leave because it will be completely alone.

Why did Alpha and the rest decide to leave the organization?We’ll find out next time!